The Attractions of Belize

Belize is located in the Southeast of the Yukatan Peninsula. She Surprises Her Unique Beauty. This Small Country IS Distinguished by the Pressence of a Huge Number of Unique and Excellent Attractions. A laarge number of them is locATed in belpoman-the New Capital of Beliza, among them: The Building of the National Assembly, The Universet Beliza, The National Park OF ST. Ermann-Bu-Houl, Which is located a few Kilometers from the City.    Belmopan is characterized by a Huge Number of Museums, Parks, Exhibitions that Will not Leave Indifferent a Single Tourist in the City.    The Old Capital of Belize Is the City of Beliz City, Which is Distinguished by its Exquisite Architecture and Rich History.

Among the Places that Will undubtedly be interanding to tourists, One Shoup Allocate the House of Culture, Or the Government House, The Institute of Happiness, The Olde ST Anglican Church – The Contrus Cathedral – All these Attractions are local in the Southern Part of the City. As for the northern Part, Heere We Can Distinguish The Building of the Plim, Built in a Colonial Style, The Coastal Zonal Museum, and the Marine Museum. It is Impossible not to visit. Walking in Belize City, You Can Meet Amazing Structures, Buildings, Museums At EVERY STEP. Outside the City – 30 km. From it – there is a zoo in white there moan a Hundred Species of Animals.

In the North of the City, there Reefs of Kolker and Ambergris-Kay, Whose Waters are Filled with Various Species of Fish and Other Marine Animals.

The ATTRACTION OF BELIZE is not now Existing Cities, But Also Their Ruins. A Striking Example is the City of Karakol – Excavations at the Place that HAS Been Carried Out Since 1936. Thanks to them, One of the Largest Cits of Maya Was Opened. ALSO, On the RUins of the City, Samples of Writing of That Period Were Found, As Well as a Huge Number of Animal Remains, Which in OUR Time No Longer Exist. Belize is Famous Not only for its Cits, But Also By Forests. Among Thuese, The Mountin-Pine Ridge Reserve Stands Out: It is Stricking in the Beauty of His Mountain Rivers, Waterfalls, A Variety of Animal and Plant World. On the Territory of this Reserv the IS a Chechich-S Cave, As Well as a Pedestrian Trail of Forestisayn Trail.

The ABOVE ATTRACTIONS ARENLY A Small Part of What the Belize Can Boast of Tourists to List, and Even More So, and Describe Them All – Youth Need a Lot of Time. But, as the say, it is to see that to hear a hundred Times, and in Order tocpletely admire the Beauty of this Country – You Need to Go there.

National Cuisine Belize

Belize Cuisine – A Combination of Culinary Traditions of Mexico, The USA, Great Britain and Many Other Countries. The Basis of Most Dishes – Legumes, Rice, As Well as Meat of Various Animals, Birds, Fish, Vegetables. In Addition to the Main Ingredients, Coconut Milk, Lizards, Battleships, Wild Birds Are Underway. They Like to Cook in Belize Meat, and in Various Performance: In the Form of the Main Dish, As an Auxiliary, AS A Filling for Other Disheses.

Less Preference Is Given to Vegetables: as a Side Dish Use Potates, Legumes, Rice. A special Place is given to the sea cuisine. In Belize, Fish Arepareed: Fried, Boined, Stewed, Sounps from the Gifts of the Sea, Dishes from Mollusks, Which Are Distinguisheda Unique Taststes. They Also Consume Raw Fish.

As for Drinks, Coffee and Tea Are Popular Among Residents of Belize. Juitses are in Less Demand Despite the Huge Amount of Fruits Grown in the Country.

A beer is Highlight from alcoholic Beeges, Which is Distinguished by Good Quality, Tourists, AS ARALE OFFERED SUCH SPECIS AS BELIKIN, GINITY, LIGHTHOUSE, PREMIUU, PREMIUUSE, PREMIUUSE M and Suyupim. Belize is Distinguished by the Production of the Best Roma, Which is poplar, Both among the inhabitants of the conserv.

However, it is not read to abuse the use of these drinks durning the trip, Otherwise do not enjoy all the Beauty and Uniquense of this service.

Climate in Belize

Belize – A Country with a Tropical, Passive Climate. Air Temperature on Average is +26 ° C. Air Humidity is ABOUT 85%, Which is Associated with the Proximity of the Sea, and Along with Exceptional Ecology and Fresh Winds, This Air Also Becumes a Healing. The Coldest Month is January, But Even at Night The Air Temprature is at Least +15 ° C. In the Period from December to April, Its Recommoded to Travel to Belize – At This Time Weather Conditions Are the Best As Possible to Walk and Study the Country. From May to august, The Rain Season Begins, Which Continues in the Fall. From September to Novmber, Along with Rains on Beliz, The Season of Hurricanes Collapses, Which Sometimes Losses for Residents and Tourists of the Country.