Niger – Sugar, Giraffes and Crickets for a Snack

Niger is located in the south of the sahara desert. Most of the Country’s Resents are Muslims, Although There Areas Whereis of Catholicism Live, Especially Since France Affeced the Culture of niger’s resents. The Capital of Niamey Is Pleasant and Hospitable. The country of Niger is struck by its beauty of nature, and in the Sahara desert there are several shopping centers, such as Agadez (Agadez) and Zinder, where Tuarean, Arabs, Africans conduct a lively trade.

Niger’s Sights

The City of Niamay Is Interesting for Tourists with Its Colorful Squares, The Great Mosque, The National Museum and the Hippodrome, Where You Jumps on Horsses and Camels. The Famous Park “W” with A Rich Animal World Is Spread out in his suburbs. Here, In Natural Conditions, Antelopes, Elephants, Hyenas, Lions, Bubuins and Jackals Live. Until 1927, The Country Niger Had Another Capital – Zinder, Whose Historical Center Is Uniquet. The Palace and the Sultan Mosque Ar Located Geree, from Where The Magnify Review of the Minaret Opens.

The City of Dossso Was Founded in the 13th Century, and from the Middle of the Last Century, There Solemn Parades and Official Ceremonies That Will Surprise With their Originality. The Most Picturesque Market in the Country Is Located in Ayorou, and the Most Colorful Sunset Can in Agadez, in the Heart of the Sahara. The Country Niger Is Called by Many Traveleers The Country of Giraffes. Thheutiful Animals Can Be Found In The Field of Tillaberi, Were Excursions from the Capital Areganized.  

Niger’s National Cuisine

Niger’s Base Product is. It is from it They Prepare a traditional fura dish, Adding Milk, Spice and Sugar. For Dinner, a Thick Paste Is Prepared from the Millet, Which Is Served with Meat, Tomato Paste, Onions, Eggplant and Zucchini. In Areas Located Along The Niger River, Corn and Smucked Fish, Beans and Rice Are Popular. The Country of Niger Has a Unique Delicacy: Local Women Catch and Fried Crickets That Ar USD AS A Snack.

Weather in Niger

Niger Country Is One of the Hottest Countries in the World. A characteristic feature of the local climate is a Huge Daily Temperature Difference. The Summer Morning Can BE ONLY PLUS 15, and After 2 HOURS – Plus 40. In the Hottest Period, The March June, The Temperatures Reach 50 Degrees, and in the Coldest, December-February, They May Drop to 0. It is to Visit Niger in September-November, that is, During the off-Eason.