The Car is New, But After Repair

There is an increase in the Opening of Car DealersHips and Firms Selling Cars from Manuafacturers’ Factories. This is Due to the fact that flexible credit schemes make it possible to acquire the desireed New Thing Without Any.

But is it a 100 % Guarantee that Car Is Really New, event it is bouught in the Cabin? An Example of One of the Inhabitants of Stavropol Gives a Reason to Doubt this.

A year ago, Vyachsheslav Maksimenko Purchased a Fresh Model in the Car Dealership, According to the Assurances of Sellers, The Car Arrive Directly Form the Factory. What Was HIS Surprise When The Masters at a Hundred After the Instraction Issued a Verdict – “Broken Car, Wings and Bumper Were Replaced”. TheREFORE, IN SUCH CARSS, USALLY with Great Curiosity, Car Accident are Watched by the Video of Arle Posted ON SITES. This Makes It Possible to Consider Various Roads on the Roads, Both Ridiculous and Terrible with Fatal Outcome. And Alread from Here to DRAW CONCLUSIONS How to Behave Behind the Wheel.

The Owner Appealed to the Salon with A Statement of Damage and Was refuse. The Owner of the Salon Explans that a Completly New Car Was Sold to the Buyer and the Seller is not Responsight for His Future Fate.

The Owner of the Car Field A Lawsuit Against the Seller. He is Currently Waiting for the Conclusion of Experts Who Determine the Time of Painting the Car, and Collects Certificates in the Traffic ABUT HIS non -involVolved in Any AcCideen t.

If the Salon of a Broken Car Becomes Obvious – This Will Be the Reason for Initiating a Criminal Case.