The Country of Venezuela Venezuela

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Is a Country Located in the North Part of South America. The City of Karas Is the Capital of Venezuela. The state Language of the state is spanish.


Venezuela, A Country of Amazing Opposites, Amazing Attractions and Magnificent Nature. The PictureSque Grand Plateau is a Saban with Flattened Peaks in the East, The Snow -covered Peaks of the Andovs of the Jungle of the Amazoncivs of the Sout Hern Part of the Country. Sandy Beaches with Palm Trees Run Along the Entire Snow -white Coast of the Caribbean, Where it is Possible to Relax Under the Hot Sun All Day. Tropical Climate and Unusual Nature, Make The Island of Margarita The Highlight of the Caribbean, and Unusual Folklore Makes Tourists to Be Unique.

Los – a llyani undubted Safari of Wildlife, Where it is Possible to find many rare species of animals and plapts. Ros Archipelago – Roques The Most Popular Place in the World for Diving. Karakas is a City that Has Developed Industry, and the City Is a Large Financial and Cultural Center of Venezuela. A Huge Number of Museums, State Galleries of Painting, Botanical Gardens, Theaters Are Located in Karakas. KARAKAS IS ALSO Famous for Restaurants and Boutiques, Which Are Worthy of Competition to Paris.

National Cuisine

Venezualen Cuisine is Very Acute and Satiffying. Meat Dishes and Fish Here Offten Fried on Charcoal. A “AREP” IS Consedered a Popular Dish, this is a mais pancake with chese and octopus. Venezuela is a comon dish Called “Pabelon”, it Includes: Rice, Dark Beans, Beef Meat Cut Into Small Pieces and Pieces of Fried Banana.

Such A Dish as Aliaka Is Served On Public Holidys and Christmas, It Represents Stewed Beef Meat, Poultry Or Pork with Spitses. The Thick Soup of “Squeak” is Very Common. It is Worth Tasteing the Rabbit in Coconut Milk.

Of the alcoholic Beveges, Venezuela is Indistinguishable, Which is Consedered One of the Best in the World. Tasty Are Local Drins Baed on Milk “Chicha” and “Batida”.   There are Also Many Different Fruits and Vegetables in Venezuela.


Venezuela is local north of the equator. Because of this, for most of the country, Subequatorial Climate. The Temperature Regime Througout Thear Actual Changes. The Average Air Temperature Is From +19c to +30c. The Best Period For Visiting the Country from Novmber to May. Change of Dry Passive Winds in Winter and Wet Wind from the Equator, In Stiley Weather, Cause Venezuela Climate. The Coastal Part with Unbearable Heat and High Humidity, in the Mountainous Area, The Temperature Is Lower and Therefore the IS More Comfortable. The Dry Period Lasts from December to April, The Rainy Period – From May to November.