Republic of Congo

Former Zaire, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, IS Located in the Central Center of the African Continent, Crossed by the Equator Inorth-Central Part.   Decades of Civil War and Corruption that Followed Colonialism, Undermined the Savings of the Country, But the Last Peacufful Years Have the Peculiar County Has A Huge Tourist Potential.

The Attractions of the Dr Congo

KinShasa, The Capital, Does Not Many Historical Attractions, But Visitors Shoup Not Miss an Interesting Ethnological Museum of the University, Located on Hill, the Top of Which. IS Decheded with a Beautiful Color Chapel. Very Nearby, The Picturesque Equatorial Forest Surrounds Lake Ma Vallee, On the Shore of Which There is a Small Tavern. Other Attractions of the Capital Are: Kincole Port, Gardens of the Nsele Presidential Farm, As Well as the National Museum in Which Unique works.