The Car is not a luxury

The Car is No Longer a Luxury Subject, It is a Means of Transportation. This is evidence by the rating of coutries in the Number of Cars for 1000 PEOPLE, WHICH WAS Compiled in February 2011. Belrus Takes Sixty -third Place in this Rating with An Indicator of 109 Car Owners for 1000 Citizens. The Whole and Very Goodcator For OUR Republic, Which Overtoook Its Neighbors: UKRain and Moldova. Russia is located in the Ranking, of Course, a Little Higher – In 53TH PLACE.

Judding by the Statistics of Auto Belarus Imported to the Republic of Belrus, He Will Soon Rise Rating a Couple of Positions Higher. It is good for the state on the hand that More and More Cars are Imported Into the Republic. To. The Treasury Is Replenined at the Expense of Customs Duties. But there ALSO Negative Aspects of this Phenomenon: More Harmful Emissions, More Funds Must Be Invested in Roads.

But Car Owners are not Interest in these Problems, The Main Thing is that Iron Horse Drive and Does Not Break. But IF It Breaks Down, The Headches Begin – Where to Give Your Favorite Car for Repairs. The Equipped Car Service Is the Best Solution to the Problem, Especailla IF IS Checked By Accqualents, Colleaguses Or Friends.

AFTER ALL, A Neighbor UNCLE VASYA, Who Will Undertake to Repair Your Car, Will Not Give a Guarantee in a Couple of Kilometers Your Car Will Not Break. TheFore, You Shoup Think: Save On Repair Without Guaranteees or Little More and Be Sure of Quality and Guarantee.