The Sitation in the Market of Car Lending In Ukraine According to the Results of Novmber.

Experts Note apfter some market stabilization in october, The Average Rates on Car Loans for A SHORT TIMBER IN NOVEMBER Began to Grow Again. The Number of Banks that Loan Foreign Buyers Today Also Increased.

The Company “Prihobank Consulting” Reports that by December 10, The Average Rate on Loans for The Purchase of a New Foreign Car for Eear Totaled 17.5% per annum. From november 5, this figure increed by 0.5%. And Rates on Loans for the Purchase of Vehicles by Two Years Increased by an Average of 0.6% to 19% per annum. The Five Banks that Offer The Lowest Loan Rates for Two Years Include Ukraine, Unicredit Bank ™, Credit Agricole, Universal Bank, Delta Bank, Finance and Credit.

By the end of October, Car Loans for One and Two Years in Price Have Changed by Less than 0.1%. But The Bets on Long -Term Loans have Recently Stopped Growing. Loans for Foreign Cars for Six Years in November Became the Most Expensive by 0.16% to 20.69% per annum, and the races for Seven Years Increased by 0.07% to 20.37% of real annals. In October, Such Loans Went Up by 0.82% and 0.93%, Respectively,.

Of the 50 Largest Bank Loans, 38 Financial Institions Were Provided with The Largest in Terms of Assets of Banks. In the Last Month, This Type of Lending Was Engaged in Imexbank and Bank “Pivdenny”.