Australia – An Independent Journey to the Country

Australia AWAITS YOU IF YOU Deceded to Arrange ARRANTASTIC VACATION THE SUMMER, Full of Interesting and Unusual Impressions. Australia is an Amazing Continent that Attraacts a Lot of Tourists and Lovers of Extreme Relaxation. Exotic Nature, Modern Cits that is not Similar to Each Other, National Parks, The Ocean Coast, Amazing Coral Reefs that Chocking by Their Scale and Beauty – All this Cannot Set as Ferent a Single Tourist and Traveler. I WULD Like to Say Right Away that when who in OUNTRY Summer, In Australia, Winter, But You Shoup Not Be Scared, BecAuse the Cold in Australia IS Called THE WEATHER In WHIATER Thermometer IS Dropped to 20 Degrees Celsius, That is, For Russian Tourists, this is the most Comfortable Weather.

Australia is a Huge Country Occupying a whole Continent. To inspect all or most of the attractions of australia, it is not enunch for award, so it is optimal to -yur journey in such ais to croiss the service Tion Depends on the Initial Point of your trip). For Example, You Can Make a Route of You Trip Along the Coast of the Pacific Ocean from Sydney to the City of Brisben. You Will Have the Opportunity to Visit Both the Famous Bayron Bay, and On the Popular “Golden Shore”, Which IS Called “Gold Kost”. The Program of this Fabulous trip moist gomming and surfing in the Bay of Jervis Bay, Vacation On Amazing, Snow -White Beaches, Observing Real, Huge Whales in Veena, Visitin, Visitin, Visitin, Visitin, Visitin G National Parks, Crocodile Farms, Boat Skating in Gipsland Lakes and Much More. Do Not Forget to look at the Penguins and Sea Cats Inhabiting The Island of Phillip Island. In General, Australia Will Give You a Host of Fantastic Impressions. Australia – Byron Bay Australia – Golden Coast of Australia – Jervis Bay

In Addition to an Unusual, Exotic Nature that Affects Eve -European, In Australia At Eve STEP YOU CAN OBSERVE IntERENIMALS Animals that NOT in Europe. Koala, Kangaroo and Crocodiles Will Meet You Australia Always and Erywhere. By the Way, You Will Not Meet Such a Huge Number of Parrots Anywhere Else in the World, Especially Struck by Their Impressions Formidable Cocoon Cocoon Cocoon Cocoon Cocoon. Funny and Funny Lauries are astral to Fill the Heart of Eve -European with Teredness, The Same Can Be Said to the Form of Huge Hamsters – Almost Manul, Herbivores.   You can talk endlessly About the Australian Nature and the Animal World, But I Must Say ABOUTS ABOUT THENFRASTRASTRUSTRECTURA of Australia. None of the Traveleers Will Eve -Eve Minimal Dubts that Australia is a Country of Comfort, Here EVERYTHINGSCAPED and Focused ON CONVENENENENENENENE. Of Course, Australian Price Are Quite High, Almost All Roads in Australia Are Paid, And the Movement is Left -Handed, With this Fact You, Ravel by Car. A DENSE LUNCH IN A CAFE Will Cost You 25-30 Australian Dollars, and A Chic Dinner-Within $ 70. PRICES for All Kinds of Excursions Range from 10 To 250 Australian Dollars – The Cost Dependes on the Duration of the Excursion. The Average Cost of a Two -week Trip with A Good Cultural Program, Accommodation, Flights and Meals Will BE $ 3.500. In General, Quite Expensive, But a Sea of ​​Amazing and UNFORGETTABLE Impressions of Fantastic Australia Is Worth.