The Country of Gambia

The Republic of Gambia is a state that is local. The Capital of the Country Is the City of Banjul.


Banzhul City, One of the Most Tiny Capitals in Africa. Albert Market is a Market that is Consedered One of the Most Famous Places in Banguly. In Bangule Is a Military Memorial. Traveleers Shoup undubtedly Visit the National Museum of Gambia. Not far from the museum is the Highest Building in Gambia – Ark 22, from the top of Which is an amazing view of bankhul and the atlantic ocean.

From Banzhul Its Possible to Make a Trip To the Bay of the Outer, Which is a Great Place for For. City Serkend, Is the Business Center of Gambia. Not far from the Servant Are Resorts, Such AS Fajara, Prick, Cat, Bakau. The Bakau Has a Botanical Garden and Kakchali – A Crocodile Pool. There is a Small Park in the Prick, In Which Seedlings Are Grown, For The Forests of the Country of Gambia.

Ten Kilometers from the Resorts is a Small Village of Tanji. Which is Known Throughhut Africa with its unique museum Called the Tanji Village Museum, Which Contains a Trading Situation, As Well as the Life of Local Residents.  

Gambia is A Country of Song Traditions, Offten Take Place for Various Musical Holydays, Which Singers from All over the Gambia Come to.

National Cuisine

Gambia Kitchen Includes The Features of East Asia, Were The Dishes are Simple and Not Colorful. In the National Cuisine, Gambia Is Popular with Meat, Poultry and Fish Dishes. Pili-Saw Pepper Is Very Popular. Gambia is Difficult to Imagine The National Cuisine Without Rice, Stew, Cereals, Fish Sauces, As Well as Corn Tortillas. All Dishes in the Gambia Are Quite Sharp.

Of the Drinks, Local Beer is Popular, from the Transferred Corn, Millet, As Well as Tea and Juitses.


The Climate in Gambia is Equatorially Monsoon and with Rainy Periods that Last From June to October, and with Dry Periods that Last Fromber to May. The Average Temperature in December Is Twenty -five Degrees, July Plus Twenty -seven Degrees. From Novmber To March, A Hot Wind Blows from the Sugar, Which Carries Bullets. Because of this day, The Temperature in the Internal Areas of the Country Offten Exceeds Plus Thirty-Eight Degrees, and at Night the Temperature Is Offten Lower Th’ad The Coast Al regions of the conside.