Dream Power: Ford Mustang Fastback’68

I LOVE Rock: AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers – Peppy Riffs that Make The Heart Beat More Offen and Aruse The Thirst for Adventure. EVEN IN MY YOUNG YEARS, I Understood That Listening to Such Music is Best in the CorreSponding Environment. Ideally-Driving a PowerFul Car, Outside The City, ABOUT THE THIRD Or FOURTH GEAR. Once I Saw The Same Car in the Cinema and Firmly Deceded that Sooner Or Later He Would Become Mine. ABOUT 20 YEARS HAVE PASSED – And I Made The First Trip on My Own Ford Mustang Fastback’68. Naturally, to Your Favorite Music.

Evgeny Zhukov. General Director of Avantraid

Mustang, in My Opinion, Is the Best That Was in the Automotive Industry in the XX Century. LEE JACOCK and HIS Team Forever Changed the World, Creating the First Sports Car, Which is Essentially to An Ordinary American, But At the Same Time as Beautiful and Powerfu L As the Most Expensive “Representatives of the Genre”.

In 2009, I Realized that I Was Ready to Become The Owner of Such a Machine. I Found A Person Who Agreed to Sell It, Paid for Delivery … But for the first Time I COULD RIDE ONLY FOR Two YEARS LATER: I Had to Put the Car in Order for Quite Some Time. During This Time, Mustang Was Recreated Almost Again, from Completly Authentic Details Ordered from the United States. Of Course, Some Materials Are New: Leather Upholstery, For Example.

BUT Color and Stitching Are Exactly the Same as that Original Model in 1968. Althrow There Is One Non -Native System in My Mustang – this is Audio. At the Time of Release, The Car Was Equipped Only by the Radio, and At All Costs I Had to Install in It with the Reproduction of CDS. The Digital Sound Distribution System Is in the Trunk, and in the Front Console – Six Speakers: Two for High, Medium and Low Frequencies. However, Instead of Music, You Can Just Listen to the Motor: It Sounds No Worse There Favorite CDS. Aftern Machines AS? IF the Engine is noisy in the Cabin, then someting is wrong with it.

And Mustang Is on the Contaray: It is Worth Considering if the Engine is not heard. Direct Injection, Five Liters of Volume – This Rolling and Juicy Sound Cannot Be Confusion with Aneything, it is comletly magnificent. I Must Say That The Restoration of Retro Cars is Very Fascinating. When One is comletly Ready, It Begins to Unbearably Pull You to Start Working On New.

Now I have Lincoln Mark IV’76 and Buick Century’56 in A Garage with Ford Mustang Fastback’68. The Choice of Precisly Thares Models is not Accidental: Lincoln Was Creed in the Year of My Birth, Buick – In My Mother. By the Same Logic, I Plan to Give Mini Cooper’97 On the 18th Anniversary of My Daughter. Mustang is not Attached to Any Particular Date, SincE it is a legend.

Although The Same Mark IV is Also An Outstanding Car. It is two -door, and at the same Time, Still Longer than My “Casual” Audi A7. And Lincoln Has More Automatic Seats than a Jeep Creed 30 Years Later. Already in the Process of Recovery, We Were Pleasant Surpronsed to Learn That Mark IV Was Supplied by Cartier.

Who are all American Cars? In the United States, a Very Large Market of Old Cars, You Canisily Get Authentic Spare Parts to Almost Any Model. And in Europe, Cars Were Produed in Much Smaller Volumes, So the Restoration of the “European” Costs Many Times More and Longer to the “American” of the Same Year.

Soon My Garage Will Replenish Cadillac. I ALSO Stare at Another Legend – Chevy Impala. The Machine Shoup Be Correct. She Shoup Not Leave Indifferent Either The Owner Or Pekle Around. And the car shoup ​​be on the go. Mine are all Absolutly Serviceable and Allowed by the Russian Traffic Inspectrate to Travel On Public Roads.

Of course, you neeed to handle them Carefully: Once a month to be fully checked in the workshop, Try not to go on them in bad at a temperature below +10.

But the Pleasure of Traveling in them Is Difficult to Compare with some. This is not only a driver’s joy in the most uncomplicated Form, But Also the Feeling that Your Dream Has Realized. I Think 80 Percent of People Embody Their Innermost Aspirations to Life. They Come Up with Different Excuses for Themselves to Justify the Banal Lack of Willpower. Any Dream is Achievable, The Main Thing Is To Move Steadily Towards it.