Swiss Presented a Social Network for Buses

Represented the Swiss Company Rinspeed Pressented the Modified Micromax Project, The Basis of Which Is the Partial Merger of Personal Transport with Public.

Representatives of Rinspeed Claim that Micromax Project is a Very Real Direction in Which Public Transport Can Develop, Since it Has Incorporated Qualites and Public and Public and Public and Public and Public and Public and Public and Public and Public and Public and Public and Public and Public and Public and Public and Publics Onal Transport.

Micromax Project is a whole Philosophy. Thus Buses Cane People Who Get To Work with Similar Routes. They Can Find Each Other with Electronics and Communication Through “Cloud” Services. The Program is Responsight for Laying The Route of Each Individual Transport Unit, Taking Into Orders Posted in the Network. For example, she is able to tell the driver that it is re -re -make to make to pick up a passenger, Buy Propecia Which Follows The Same Place as.

Internet Access Will Be in Eve Car Micromax. ALSO, Each Rinspeed Bus Has a Refrigerator, Coffee Maker and A Device for Transporting Bicycles, Plus Places For 4 Passengors. And All this with Micromax Length 3700 MM. Rinspeed Managed to Increase the Capacy of New Chairs.

Today, Huge Number of People Need Professional Legal Services. An Example of this Can Be a Consultation on Any Question, However, Offten, Potential Customers are Unable to Formulates ASDASD (EXAGGERETEDD), Hoping T. Hat Someone Can Help in Their Problem. It is for this is a Project of Online Consultations Providing for Assistance to People Ignorant in Legal Topics.

It is notworth that in the Project of Future Public Transport, The Swiss Took Into Account The Estimated Value of the Transporting to their Calculation, Their Amount Will Not Excel 10,000 EUROS. It is Planned to Achieve This Using Maximum Savings Wherever Possible. EVEN THE MICROMAX Windows Are Made of plexiglass.

Naturally, The New Brainchild of Rinspeed Has An Electric Motor. The Creators Also Provided for Additional Heating of the Cabin Intended in the Case of Cold Weather. There is ALSO A 19-Inch Driver’s Monitor that Performs The Functions of the Dashboard.

Previous Ideas Rinspeed Rarely Found Serial Use, However, As One of the Models of the Development of a Public Transport System, The Brainchild of Micromax Looks Quite Viable. In Another Way, Micromax Can Quite Not Be Implemented as a System of Public Transport, But AS a Kind of Social Network, Intended Primarily For Private Owners of Suchh Y Insure Each Other, Or Simply Bring Random Fellow Travelers.