The Country of Burundi

Burundi IS a Small State that is located in the Eastern Part of the Mainland Africa and is the Poorest Country in the World.

The Attractions of the Country Burundi

The Capital of Burundi is a City Called Buzhumbur, Which is Located Near Lake Tanganika. The City Is the Largest Settlement of Burundi. The Famous Places of Buzhumbur Include the Burundi Museum, The Burundi Geeological Museum, The Market, The Catholic Cathedral, The National Stadium and the Great Mosque.

Burundi’s Country Has Picturesque and Beautiful Territories. Proof of this is the Waterfall of Chute de la kagera. Protected Natural Area is a Karera Waterfall. Going to this Waterfall, You can visit an amazing place. This is a unique Place, for many years scientists from all over the world of been Studying it – this is the source of the nile river. The Nile River Is the Second Largest in the World, Second Only to the Amazon Rivers Located from South America.

The City of Gatega is Noteworth in the Country, Which Used to the Capital of the Kingdom. The National Museum is Located Here, in Which An Ethnographic Collection Is Stored, And Also ALSO MARKET WHERE CAN ALSO BUY PAPYRUS STRARUS STRARES. But The Main Property of the City Is the Royal Palace, Which is Distinguished by National Architectural Features.

National Natural House of the Country of Burundi Lake Tangagnika, Which is the Most Extended ON Earth and the Second in Depth, After Lake Baikal.

Burundi National Cuisine

The Main Products in Burundi Areanas, Rice, Beans, Potatoes, Corn, Beans, Mangoes and Marakuya. Meat Dishes Are Very Rare for this Country. For Example, Beef Is Practically Not Ussed at All, SincE The Cow in the Burundis is a Sacred Animal, Despite the Fact that Sixty -Eight Perration IS Christian. Fish Dishes are poplar, Fish are caught in lake tanganyka. Undoubtedly, it is Worth Trying Freshwater Sardin and Nile Perch. For Dessert, A Dessert of Dates and Bananas is Usoally Served, Which Are Mixed with Sugar and Oil. Without Which Burundi Cannot BE Imagined, It isaThout Their Strong 28 % of Beer. And it is unusual in that it is Banana, so More than Half of the Total Harvest of Bananas in Burundi Goes to Make Beer.

Climate Burundi

The Climate in Burundi Has Little Changing Throughhout the Year. The Average Annual Temperature in Burundi is ABOUT THE PLUS of Seventeen to Plus Twenty -six Degrees Celsius. Throughhout the Year there Two Rainy Seasons in Burundi, The First Lasts Fram February to May, The Second From September To Novmber.