Seasonal Exacerbation

Mini Born in 1959 Cost a Mere Penny, But at the Same Time Was a Very Outstanding Car in Technical Terms. Imagine, in the Cabin of Its Tiny Body Only 305 CM Long and 140 CM Wide … Four Adult Passengers!

Coupe that Appedared Last Summer Has Thoroughhly Grew Its Wonderful AnceStor In All Directions, But Also Exorbitantly Cool … The Fact that Fourst Time in the History of Passenger Mini He Had Only Two Seats.

Such Extreme Minimalism is Due to Nothing More than Remarkable Sports Ambitions, For the Sakeh Coupe Even ABANDONED THE 1.4-Liter Motor. The Role of the “Base” is Played by The 122-Blue Cooper, and the Cooper S IS Appointed to the Position of Ca-Moscow-I in Ukraine with A Swooped Up to 184LLL. With. Unit. We have given the Honor to Protect the Colors of the British Flag.

However. and “french” is not a bast. May you not be embarrassed by the fact that rcz is Assembled from the Details of the “Civilian”, An Unremarkable Model 308. The Main Thing in this Case is not What How How. You Still have to look for a more style Stylish Compartment. And in HIS Excellent Sled Habits, We Were Repeatelly Convinced.

By the Way, Rcz with An Opponent Is Related Not Body Type. Peugeot Engines, Like the “TurboCharing” mini, from One Family. The Main Feature of these Units A “Rich” Torque, The 200-Horsepower Has Amazing Traction From The Lowest Revolutions.

A More Modest Version, 156 “Horses”, IS Not Much Slower in Acceleration to “Hundreds”, Although ItsPeped Exclusively with An Automatic Box. AFTER ALL, SPORT IS NOT Only A Sprint in a Straight Line.

The Degree of Intensity

Although Mini Just Loves Quick Attacks. There is no need to passuade This Guy on Exploits, He is Always in Full Combat Readiness. IS Worth Gently Touch The Gas Pedal, and the Baby Immediately Tears from a Place. In Traffic Races, He Has Practically No Equal. And Even the Load in the Form of a HydromeChanical Machine Doges Not Cool Its Ardor.

But the IS a “Sport” Button, a Tonic Motor and A Sharmping Steering. You Press it, and it Becomes Clear That Before this Time, The Cooper S Coupe Has Just Kneaded. Now he is not just Very Fast, But Burning Harsh. And without that, the “Stubborn” Steering Wheel is filled with Even Greater Gravity. He is tring to tear your hand in the rut, but is it surgically accurate in the Turns, in Which The Mini Tires Are Bent Aver a Dead Grip Grip!

But, there is Another Side of the Coin. The teenacious Suspension Holds The Car on a High -Speed ​​Straight Line and the Arc, But It Does Not Shyd Hard Stoves to Tell the Most Insignificant Asphalt Defects. Hearing sores and manifested by 80 KM/H Buzzing Tires. Tolerate All these “Joys” on a Long Trip – Pleasure Below Average.

PEUGEOT ALSO DOES Not Differ in EXEMPLARY SMOOOTHNESS, BUT AS FAR as Possible Tries to Smooth The Pits and Cracks. And with noise insulation in rcz Things are notCeably Better. And I WOULD Not Say that Due to these “Tenderness” and Extra Pounds, The French Compartment Is Confident in Corners. The Cranes of the Body Aremal, The Steering Wheel is Commendable and Fast. Excellent Set for Attacks!

Only in the City Crowd, With Rebuilding in Traffic Jams, Where The Main Thing is the Reaction Rate. Peugeot Loses to the Opponent. Moreover, The “French” Lags Mainly Due to “Long” Adhesion. Taking Away Precious Milliseconds at Starts and During the Gear.

Classic and Hi-Tack

Althrow, it seems to me. RCZ IS Quite Excusable Light Slowness. Barely Noticeable, It Rather Dependes on the Skills of the Driver and Completely Harmonize An Elegant, Not Straining Interior. The devices made in the classic style, Smooth, Skin -Lined with Skin of the Front Panel with Anachy Clock – All this, Evet He sages Not Call for Battle. At the Same Time, Sports Seats Are Very Comfortable On a Country Trip. In Which, by the Way, You can capture a couple of kinders – The French Car Has Two Children’s Seats. The only Thing That Grievs in Satan Peugeot Isenced MonoChrome Displays of the ON -BOOARD COMPUTER and RADIO, KNOWN to the World SINCE The Time of Model 307.

Coupe Salon, As in Any Other Mini, Looks Motley and Bizarre. A Sea of ​​Rounds, Helicopter Crests of the Toggle Switches in IT Are Combined with Chrome, Black Royal Varnish and Red Leather Inserts. However, Visual Shock Therapy Does Notent the Seats from Being Very Convenent, and Ergonomics Close to the Ideal. In Addition, Mini is Richer on Electronic novelties. In the Central Dish of A Spideometer, You canplay Internet Pages, and Connect the iPhone to Special Connectors on the “Beard” -Connect the iPhone. Another Thing Ise Benefits of Civilization are Avalable Only to Two. Well, How Else, Because Eve -Extra Gram on Board Worsens Dynamics and Handling, and For Mini The Drive Is of Paramount Importance.

In Order for Fuel Equipment to Always Work Correctly, You Need to Purchase a Stand for Adjusting The Fuel Equipment with Which You CHECK ALL THE EQUPMENT OOK for malfunctions, As Well as Configure the Fuel Equipment.