Filippins – A Country of Universal Hospitality

Most of the Population of the Philippines Live in 11 Islands, Althrow The Country of the Philippines Itself Has Them, More than 7,000. The Philippines Consider Lonelines EcCentricities, Soir Magnify Beaches, Wonderful Waterfalls and Rice Terracles, Give Their Along With Their Hospitality. Jokes, Smiles and Fun Are of the Attractions of this Archipelago.

The Attractions of the Philippines

Exploring the Ancient Manila Is Very Excitation. The Church of st. Augustine and the Gorodnoye City of Intramuros, The Manin of the Cathedral and the Ruins of Fort Santiago Will Attract Attend Primaryly. Another Enchanting Attraction of the Philippines Are, Manually Creed 2000 Years AGO, Rice Terraces of Banae (Banaue) Included in the UNESCO List. From the Batangas Pierce in Manila, On the Barcas You Canland of Mintordo, On Which Theautiful Tamaraw Waterfall, Lake Naujan) D by Exotic Plants.

The Spanish Rule, from Which The Country of the Philippines Was Release Released Releatively Recently, Will Remind the City of Karcar, Which Is Full of Churches, Gardens and Houses Built IS BUILT IS N Castilian traditions, and in the Chapel a Secret Party in Mandaye ( Mandaue), The Statues of Jesus Christ and the Apostles and the Apostles, Sculptured by the Sculptures Were Preserved. Full -Length. In Iloilo, You can visit the church of miagao (Miagao) – a Unique Example of Colonial Architecture, With Facades Decorated with Coconut Palm Trees and Papaya. In the Provincies of Lanao Del Sur, with the islamic majority, it is Worth Visiting Lakeo (Lanao), The Holy Mountain, The Royal Housses OF THE MARANAO (MARANOO), MOSQUES ON THE SHE ORE of the Lake and the Famous Tugaua Founans ( Tugaua). The Country of the Philippines Looks Fantastic Waves Glowing with All the Colors of the Rainbow Bring on the Shore of the Waves.  

National Cuisine of the Philippines

Filipinos Usually Eat Three Times a Day: Almusal – Breakfast, Tanghalia – Lunch, Hapunan – Dinner, Plus aFtern Snack Called Hapunan. The Most Favorite Dishes Are: Lechon – Baked Piglet, Longgonisa – Sausage, Tapa – Sluggish Beef, Torta – Omelet, Adobo – Chicken Orpared Wit Garlic, Soy and Vinegar, Kalderteret a – Goat in Tomato Sauce, Mechado – Pork in the Tomato Sauce, Kare-Kare-Tails and Ears of Coings Prepared in Arachis SaUCE.

Weather in the Philippines

For the most Part, The Country of the Philippines Enjoys Stable and Predictable Weather. Almost Throughhout the Year it is Hot and Wet, and Temperature Fluctions Reach Only 5-6 Degrees. Plus 30 Degrees – Average Annual Temperature. From May to Novmber, The Rain Season Is Set, So it is Better to Come Here in the Remaining Six Months.