The Nature of Lesotho as a Landmark of the South of Africa

The Miniature Country Lesoto Is Surrouded On All Sides of Its PowerFul Neighbor-The South African Republic. Located on an elevated Plateau, SOME Villages of the Country Are So ISolateed that CAN BE REACHED ON FOOT, on Horses Or By Air. Entrepreneurs Built a Certain Number of Roads to Get to Diamonds and Mineral Waters, But Many Canyons and Colonies Remained Islanded. Lesoto Mountains Offer Traveleers a Wide Range of Entertainment, and by Lake Letsie You Can See Black Vultures, Bald Ibis and Huge Population of Waterfowl.  

The Attractions of Leso

Natural Attractions are the Main Attraction for Tourists ON SUCH EXOTIC SOIL as Lesoto’s Country. The Cliffs of Ha Khotso and Ha Baroana, Located Near the City of Masero, Are Decoed with Cave Bushman Drawings that Prove the Presence Here Sincy Prehistoric Tim. The Largest Waterfall of Africa, Meletsunyae (Maletsunyae) is Three Times Higher THE FAMOUS NIAGARA, In the Towns of Moyeni (Moyeni), Kyalo (Moyeni) and Morija (Morija) Real Traces of Dinosaurs Can Be Detected, Which Lved in Magical Motlejoeng Caves (Motlejoeng).

A unique Place is the petrified formist of thaba-tsu (Thaba-ts ~ oeu), Which Canen in the Center of the Plateau, and on the Border with South Africa, the couulture Esoto Has Several More Enchanting Attractions: The Sehlabathebe National Park, The Ethnic Settlements and Semonc.

National Cuisine Lesotho

Lesoto Residents Adhere to the Culinary Traditions of South Africa. Typical Products Are: Corn, in the Form of Thick Paste and Bread, Beef, Lamb and Chicken. Sour Milk Is Popular, But Beer, The Country of Leso Produce Special – From Sorghum, Not Barley. Of the Dishes, Local Residents Prefer Italian Spaghetti, Lobsters Preparting to a Special Recip … Baked Snakes.

Weather in Leso

Possessing a Subtropical, Continental Climate, Lesotho Country Boasts More than 300 Sunny Days a year. Temperature: to Plus 30 – in Winter, to Plus 22 – in the Spring and Autumn, to Plus 15 – in the Summer. It is Clear That Such Temperature Indicators Allow Traveling Around the Country All Year Rounced, But You Neeed to Know That in the Summerstorms Are Very Very Frequent, And Snow o Snow o Snow Ften Falls in the Mountains, Which Doges Not Melt Througout The Summer.