Noise Insulation of the Door of the Vaz 2107.

Noise Insulation of the Door of the Vaz 2107

IF YOU HAVE A VAZ 2107 Brand Car, and Not Some Kind of Expensive Imported Car, The Most Likely The Soundsulation of the Doors in Youcs Missing. And IF You Look Carefully, There Are Problems with Penetrating Sound Not Only at the Door, But Also in Many Way. To reach a high level of sound insulation in the doorway, you will need to go to a car dealership or workshop, or, do the soundproofing of VAZ 2107 doors with your own hands. You Will Need to Take The Necessary Tools and the Necessary Materials for the Upcoming Work to Eliminate Noise. The Necessary Materials Include Special Fones, and Various Seals, In The Form of Rugs Or Thin Records, and Others. For Sound Insulation, It Will Be Necessary to Cover the Walls with Foam Inside the Door. Its Penetration of Sounds Outside Into the Car.

IF YOU CANNOT COVER SOME CRACKS with Foam, The You Will Need to Purchase Special Materials on a Liquid Basis. Due to the Fact That Th, Materials Are Liquid, They Penetrate Perfectly Into Various Small Cracks and Freeze There. AFTER THEY DRY, Not A SINGLE SOUND LEAKS Into the Car Interior. Another Point Is Important, Namely, You Shoup Not Accquire Materials Containing Asphalt in Your Composition. SINCE Will Heat Up at High Air Temperatures, And Theen Melt, Deform and Lose All Their Qualites. This Can Even Lead To the Fact that Your Entire Door Will Be Spoiled. And all the work Will be a Drain, and in Addition, Enormous Consequences. In Addition, A Sharp and Not Pleasant Smell Will Stand Out During the Melting Process. THEN, The Door Will NEED to Be Scored by Seals or SOMETHING ELSE to Increase the Mass of Doors.

SINCE EVERYONE KNOTS THAT THE GREATER The Weight of the Subject, The Lower The LEVEL OF VIBRATION AND Resonance It Will CREATE. After the Well -Done Work, You Shoup Become Much Quieter in the Cabin, Sincy Extrans Noines Will Not Penetrate the Salon. Remember that you need to use only High -quality Materials, SO That Later Do Not Have To Regret and Overpay Twice.


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