Sukhoi Mousson – Somali Country

Located on the East Coast of Africa, North of the Equator, The Country of Somali Washed by The Waters of the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. The Northern Regions of the Country Are Occupied by a Hilly Ensemble, In Which The Mountains (Ogo) and Carcar (Carcar) are Distinguished, with the colorful peak of shimbiris. The Central and Southern Parts are dominated by the plains of the shebelle rivers and Juba (Juba). The Coastline Is Devoid of Bays, But is Replete with Coral Reefs.

Sights of Somali

National Parks, Today, Are the Most Beautiful Corners of Somalia. KISMAYU PARK IS A TERRITORY in Which Lions, Hyenas, Leopards, Monkeys Live. Without A Doubt, the Main Natural Attraction of the Country is Las Geel, Which Contains Several Caves, On the Walls of Which The Neolithic Time-Part of the Uniquet UE Cultural Heritage of these Lands have been presertered. The Largest City in the Country Is Magadisho, Spreading on the Coast of the Indian Ocean. UNFORTUNATELY, Today, The City Is Devasted BY Military Conflicts.

Tourists who have COME HEARE CAN See the Beautiful Palace of the Sultan Zanzibar, Which Contain Museum and the Giamaa Mosque, Built in the 13th Centory. Like Other ISLAMIC Territories, The Country of Somali, Can Offer Bright Bazaars Wherens Offer Their Goods, And You Can Bargain. An Excellent Tourist Object is the Ancient City of Shanghai, In Which The Old Arab Architecture Has Been Preserved. You can not pass by Tourists Past the Sinbusi Beach (Sinbusi), Which is located 5 Kilometers from the City of Merca (Merca). In Addition to Natural Beauty, The Beach IS Ideal for Several Sunny Days of Rest.  

National Cuisine Somalia

Grain and Vegetables are Daily Products in Somalia, and Meat is the Most Valuable Product. Most of the Dishes Are Prepared from Sorghum, and in Urban Areas the Give Preference to Rice and Corn. Of Couurse, The Country of Somalia and Several of Its Delicacies has a country. The Most Delicious, According to the Somalians, Are: A Camel Hump, A Sheep’s Tail, Goat Liver and Camel Milk.

Weather in Somalia

Somali’s Country Is Subject to Huge Temperature Differences. Especially, this is Thron Into the Winter Dry Season, When at Night thermeter Shows The Temperature Below 0 Degrees, and During the Day Reaches +30. Summer Temperatures Range BetWeen 24 and 45 Degrees. In march, the rainy Season Comes, and in august – The Season of the Dry Monsoon, When Hot Winds Blow the Whole Country.