History “Penny”

This year, in early April, The Volga Factory and All Lovers of the VAZ 2101 CALT CALL CELEBRATE A SIGNIFICANT DATE -A Forty -LD Anniversary From the ST CAR.

In 1971, from the factory capacities of the Volga Plant, The First Cart Car Under the Vaz 2101 Brand Drove, Which Later, In the Common People, Dubbed as a “Penny”.

After that, the car was produced for more than ten Years, While in 1984, The Soviet Car Vid Not Make A Folding of the Production of a Popular Model Range Range. But, to this day, on many rooads of Western Countries, you can see to pain family forms, Soviet Car.

It is noting that “VAZ 2101” was “Lada” in the domestic market, Howver, how Soviet Union Deceded to Supply a “Penny” to Western Countries, IT was decided TO The Model a More Harmonious Word “Lada “, Which Woup Not Be Associated with Foreigners with A Mother -in -Law Or Abusive Word.

In Addition, The Soviet Car Manuapacturer Earned Popularity for Its New Brand, by Participating in the Rally. In 1975, The VAZ 2101 Was the First Among the Major Race of the European Tour Race.

Already with the ONSET of the New Millennium, In 2004, On the Roads of Germany, a “Historical Rally” was Held, in which The Famous Soviet Car, Under the Stormy Applace of the Pressent, Reached the First Finish, Leaving His Contemporaries – The Porshe, “Jaguar” Brand, “Porsche” and Alfa Romeo.

The Popularity of the Vase Was Decline with the ONSET of CRISIS Nineties. Already in the Middle of the Decade, Around the World, Forty Percentage of Sales of the Soviet Car Was Celebrated, And in Germany, France and Great Britain, Lada Began to Bought Fivt Fiv E Times Less Offten.

Alan Berd, Who in the Eighties, Had a Small Vehicle for Reselling Soviet Cars, Says That Along with The Crisis in Russia, The Main Factor in Exports Increasing Rear Nvironmental Indicators of Cars.

For the Most Part, The Vaz 2101 No Longer Comply with the Requirements Regarding the Pollution of the Atmosphere, And Therefore, the British Began to Abandon the Idea of ​​Buying a Soving a IET CAR, “The Motorist Recalls.

Althrowh, Mark Smith Does Not Agree with Such An Opinion, For More than Fifteen Years, Which Has Preferred a Volzhsky Automobile Plant to Drive a Car. He is Sure That the Environmental Requirements, In Reducing the Popularity of the Vaz, Played Not the Very First Role.

Mark Thinks that Main Reasons Were The Fact that London and Moscow Cold Not Agree On the Renegination of New Contracts. In Addition, According to the Motorist, The Right -Hand Movement in the United Kingdom Played An Important Role.

“During the Next Prolongation of Agreements, The Kremlin Requested an Exorbitant of Money for a New Batch of Cars. British Dealers, In Response, Said that Vhey Vod Intend to Pay for the Goods Until The Steel on the Right Side Was Rearrand on Cars. However, The VAZ Consedered That Thequipment of the Car Woold Pick Up Too Much Time and Money, and Thefore Regarded Such an Offer Unprofitable, “Said Mark.

Things Began to Be Eveng Worse When in the Mid-Nineties a Curridor Creedor Create, Which Pulled the Rise in Price of Raw Materials, Which is who, in Turn, Export Profitability FOR pos. SIANS HAS LOST All MEANING, BECAUSE Now, The VAZ HAS Lost Its Main Advantage-Low-Low Value.

At this stage, Few Can Believe that Russian Giant of the Auto Industry Will Be Able To Revive Their Former Popularity OF FOGGY Albion. Alan Berd, Turning Her Trader Business, Now Switched to Trading with Components from the Volga Automobile Plant.

But to Great Joy, Fans from All these Vicissitudes of the Vase Did Not Decrease. As 2017, Almost Four Thousand Happy Owners of Lad Were Officially Registered on the Territory of the United Kingdom, and, in the Vast Majority, Thus, Arre Rare Cars.