What is interview to the coulivia for tourists?

The Capital of Bolivia, The City of La-Pass, IS Located ON Steep Hills and Is the Highest Capital Around the World.

Despite the fact that bolivia is considered One of the Poorest Countries, A Huge Number of Tourists Come Here annally. They Are Attracted by the Miraculous Landscape of the Country, Consisting of the Mountains, The Local Population, 55% of Which Are The Indance, the Majestic Mounints The andes and the Waterfall in the National Park. Fake The Road of the Death of Yungas, Passing from Los Jungas to La Pas. It is Consedered the Most Dangerous Road in the World. It is Very Fond of Hiking Tourists, and Mountain Bikers Who Have Chosen The Trigger of the Road 40 Km Long. This Road is Very Dangerous for Tourists Traveling by Car.

Locals Love to have fun. The Proof of this is the Carnival in the City. This is an event that reflects all the Cultural Traditions of the Bolivian People. More than 28 Thousand. Dancers, ABOUT 10 Thusand Musicians. A DistINuctive Feature of the Carnival from Others Is That Always Begins with The Dance “Devil”.

National Bolivian Cuisine

Bolivian Cuisine is considered the most unusual in the world. Primitive Recipes for Cooking Have Been Preserved Geree. Pancakes with Meat or Potatoes are Consedered a National Dish of Bolivia. Bolivians Love Meat Very Much, It is Dominant in National Cuisine. Not a Single Dish is Served with Local Sauces. An Important Place is OCCUPied by Corn and Rice. Bolivians Love to Treat Tourists with Local Cheese, Which Has a Very Peculiar Taste. Offen in their menu you can see fish. National Bolivian Drink – Tea Breded According to Special Recipes. Leaves of Anise, Coca or Chamomile Are Added to Tea. Coffee Is Popular Here – I Drink It Very Weak, But Tea Takes a Leading Position. Very Tasty Bolivian Mineral Water “Naturagua”.

Climate of Bolivia

The Seasons in Bolivia are Very Weak. The Climate of Bolivia Is Such that Temperature Changes Between The Seasons are ABOUT 10 S. Air Temperature Here Depends on the Height of the Country Abo Sea Level. In this conside you can see with Snow and Glaciers, and Under them Are Plains with Green Grass.

The Rainy Period Here Begins in March and Lasts Until Novmber. And on the Territory of the Rio de la Plates and the Amazon Plains, Rains are rains all year round. From December to February in Bolivia Summer. The Average Temperature is +23 S. Winter Begins in May and Lasts Until August. The Temperature in Winter Can FlUntate from -1 S TO +19 S. In mountinous areas, The Temperature Can Reach -20 with. The Best Time to Visit the Country Is the Local Summer.