Honda Represents Double Clute Hybrids

Honda Announced Its Three New Hybrid Transmission Options on Monday. One of the IS for Small Cars, One for Ordinary and One for Highly Effective Engines, Which, It Seems To Used in the Next Acura NSX.

Surpringly, None of these Transmissions are Variator Transmissions. New Drive Systems have One, Two or Three Built -in Electric Motors. Many Transmission Will Be Used Precisly on Acura Cars or Powerful Honda. By the way, you can look at the mosterful cars in the world and Think ABOUT What WULD HAPPEN CARS BECOME HYBRIDS with the New HONDA TRANSMISSION Which We Will Write Below.

Hybrid Intellectual Single -Mode Engine Combines 1.A 5-Liter In-Line Atkinson Four-Cylinder Engine with A Seven-Speed ​​Double Clutch Gearbox with An Integrated Electric Motor and Battle. Honda Representates Say That Such an Installation Increases Efficiency by More than 30 Percent Compareed to Regular Hybrid System with One Engine.

A Hybrid Intelligent Multi-Mode Engine Combines a New Engine Dedicated to Hybrids with Built-in Engines and a Locking Couning, Along with a Lithum-Ion Battle. The System Switches Between Three Leading Profiles: Eb-Drive in Order to Go Only on An Electric Motor; Annin-Drave for Controling at Medium and Cruising Speed; and a Hybrid Drive For Strong Acceleration Using The Engine and Electricity Production by the Electric Motor. The System Will Be Offered to Honda Accord Plug-in, Which Will Be Put on Sale in January.

The Third System – And the One that We are Most Excited – is Three Engines, A Sports Hybrid with Super All -wheel Drive Honda. This Installation is a Combination of V6 and Three Engines, Two of Which Are Installed on the Rear Wheels. This allows a different amount of torque to be applied to the Internet and External Wheels. This System Shoup Be Used in NSX from 3.5-Liter V6 and Gearbox with Double Clutch and Seven Speeds.

We Will Learn More ABOUT New Systems at Detroit Automobile Exhbed in January.