Country of Peru to Visit the Inca – The Country of Peru

On the Pacific Coast, The Country of Peru Found Its Refuge, Which is Rich in Colonial Cits, Coastal Wastelands, Tropical Foresters and High Mouuntain. She offers her guests to get Acquainted with Her Exceptional Landscapes with A Rich Animal World, With Its Exceting History and a Unique Archaeological Heritage, AS Well As With A Diver SE Culture of Its Peoples, United into a Single Nation. The Picturesque Amazon Pool Ocupies Half the Country and Contains Several Places that Consedered the Least Operated on the Planet. The Andes Separate the Jungle from the Coast, Hiding Whole Nations Who Speak The Language of the Inca and Live in Traditional Villages.

Sights of Peru

The Country of Peru to the Heritage of the Inca Is Forever Tied. Their Main City, Machu-Picchu, Located ON ISOLATED PEAK, IS The Main Attraction of the Country. No Less Interesting is the Former Capital of the Empire, The City of Cuzco, Which Today Is a Unique Colorful Cocktail of Spanish and Indian Architecture. Another Peruvian Attraction is Known All Over The World. Lake Titicaca is the Highest Navigable Lake of Land. IS Surrounded by Ancient Ruins and Unique Historical Monments.

The City of Lima Will Provide An Opportunity to Admire the Savings Inheritance of the 5th Century, Which Would Be More Complete if Not for. One of the Few Designs that Survved after it was the Church of San Francisco, in Which Today You The Masterpieces of Van Dyck and Rubens, Which ARE SOD PROUDO OF THE COUD Ntry of peru. Not far from the Capital, The Historical City of the Coral Can Be Discovered, Which Is Mores Old, And, Which Was Discovered Only in 1994.

National Cuisine Peru

Acute, Seasoned with Pepper and Garlic, Food Is Known Far Beond Its Borders: Seviche is a Raw Fish Pickled Juice, Served with Potates, Onions and Coriander, Camaines – Mil k soup, tumps, potatoes, eggs, and pepper, Tamels – Pan, Mazamorra Morada – Corn Red Jelly with Additives of Lemon, Dried Fruits, Cinnamon Or Cloves. It OFFERS The Country of Peru and Several Alcoholic Beeges, But, Without a Doubt, The Most Memerable Are Chicha de Jora and Chicha Morada, Which Appeared Douring the Int.

Weather in Peru

Without A Doubt, the Hottest Time in Peru Is the Period From December to April (Up To +36 Degrees), and the Coldest from June to August (Up To +13 Degrees). The Same Period Is the Most Rainy. The Country Is the Most Beautiful and Comfortable in the Off -season Period, In May or September.