35 Years to Solve the Transport Problem

This is How Much It Will Take Moscow To Solve the Current Problem. Given The Current Rate of Construction of Highway and Real Estate, Moscow Will Take ABOUT 35 YEARS to IMPROVETSPORT SITUATION IN THE CITY. This was discussed in the Program for the Development of the Transport Hub In Moscow Until 2020, the Approved by the Government. Together with The Ministry of Transport and the Authorites of the Capital, This Program Was Developed. Based on it, in the Capital of the Russian Federal, BY 2020, ABOUT 3.4 Trillion Rubles Will BE Allocated for Reconstruction, Repair and Construction of Roads in the Moscow Region. Thanes to these funds, it is Planned to Build Over 1300 Kilometers of Tracks. As a Result of the Work Done, The Average Speed ​​in the Region Will Havy to Increase by ABOUT 30%, That is, up to 40 Kilometers per hour. IT ShOULD BE NOTED that We are talking ABOUT THE AVERAGE of the City and the Region. At the Moment, the IS a Shortage of ABOUT 400 Kilometers of the Road in the Capital. With all this, The Plan for 2007-2015. Performed. The Specified Period of 35 Years Willia Significantly Improve The Sitation On the Roads. Butny If in the Near Future the Authorites Freeze All Projects to Build New Buildings. Of course, no one Will go to such a step. The Situal Also Complicates The Number of Cars, Which Is Only Growing Eve Year.