Modern Taxi

Convenent Mode of Transport

Summer Has Come – A Wonderful Time To Relax Outside. SOMEONE SPENDS A VACATION IN THE COUNTRY, SOMEONE Likes to Spend the Weekend there, But Eveony Wants to Relax with Comfort, to Equip Their Life. The Regular Summer Season Has Long Acquired Erything Necessary for Relaxation: Dishes, Bedding Sets, Garden Equipment, Clothes, Small HouseHold Appliances, etc.

You can drive up a license for a car with the help of the Internet

Nikolai Lyamov Said that in Order to Submit an Application for Permission to work as a Taxi Driver thessibility of Using the Internet Service. According to HIM, Permission Will BE Ised Right on the Day of Circulation. Shortly Before, The Metropolitan Mayor Has Alread Reported His Decision to Restore Order in the Field of Taxi Work. At the Same Time, He Referred to the Taxi Law Adopted in 2008 in Moscow.

On all Metropolitan Transport Hubs, There Will Be a Parking for a Taxi

In Moscow Today the Are 125 Transport and Landing Units and Special Parking Lots Will Soon Appear on Each of the. Such News Was Pressented at a Press Conference Nikolai Lyamov, Who is the Head of the Department of Transport. The Arrangement of these Parking Will Be Carried Out on the Sub -Power of the Road. Suchch an Organization of a Place for a Taxi, Someting Like The Old Days When You COLD ALWAYS FINE MACHINE in SUSH PARKING LOTS.

The Taxilation Trade Union Protest Against The New Taxi Law

Members of the Taxi Drivers Deceded to Protest Against the New Taxi Law. As it Became Known, The Moscow Department Has Alread Issuing Free Permits of a New Model. According to the New Law, A SPECIAL Register of Taxi Order Services IS Instroduced in the Capital, AS AS A Register of Carriers. In Order to get into this register, The Taxi Driver Must Have 3 Years of Driver’s Length.

There is a need to increase the capital’s taxi park 4 Times

Maxim Liskutov, Who is the Head of the Department of the Transport and Road Industry, Believs to Order to Fully Satisfy All The Capital’s Residents And Guestests Of the Capital, The Moscow Taxiopark Must Be Increased to 45,000 Cars. In his Opinion, this figure may not be en fee.

Taxi as a Wedding Transport

For Each Person, The Wedding is a Very Important Event in Life. Among Many People there is a belief that attributes of the Wedding are the Process of Marriage, A Restaurant Or Cafe For Subsequent Notes and Other Litings For The D Grom and Gromo. BUT MANY ForGET ABOUT ANOTER IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THIS Action: A Wedding Card. AFTER ALL, IT Can Include NOT ONLY PERSONAL VEHICLES, BUT ALSO A SPECIAL CAR-TAXI CAR.

Maybe in the Summer The Moscow Legal Taxi Drives Will Give Yellow Numbers

Tatyana Malashhenkova, Who is the Deputy Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure of Moscow, Said that All Legal Taxi Recele Recele Ers this Summer for Their Cars. Using these Numbers, It Will Be Possible to Distinguish a Legal Taxi Driver from a Simple “Bomb”.

Who is the Best Bombing or Professional Taxi?

It is offen necessary to find track Right now, then is a difficult choice, What to go for. You can Catch a Bombing, Which at First Glance Requires Quite Acceptable Money, Or Catch The Usual Taxi of the Many Services. What to go cheaper, Faster and Safer, Let’s Try to find out.

Women’s Taxi, It’s Really Safe?

Today, Female Taxi Is Popular Around the World, and it Appedared Relatively Recently in 2000, in Muslim Dabai. Initially, it was a bold Experiment, Which Was Mainly Aimed At Compliance with Muslim Laws. However, it immediately became clear that the woman the driver better has a passenger woman, they have something to talk about, and behind such conversations and the road flies unnoticed.