The Warm Heart of Africa Is the Country of Malawi

Known as the “warm heart of Africa”, the country of Malavi is famous for the friendly people, natural parks, reserves, beaches, tropical fish of Lake Malawi, the third largest lake of continent. Most of the country is occupied by this majestic lake and the great African fault, which passes from north to south, creating valleys, cool mountains and plateau with lush vegetation.

The Sights of Malawi

The Capital of Malawi Is the City of Lilongwe, Which Has an Interesting Historical Center and Modern Infrastructure, Deched with well -grow -gramed green zones and cream Architectureure. Near the City of Mzuzu (Mzuzu) is the Nyika National Park (Nyika), VVASA Reserve (VWASA), As Well as LivingStonia Mission (LivingStonia), With an Interesting Museum.

Blantyre City Is a Commercial Page and The Largest City in Malawi. It was founded at the end of the 19th Century and Consists of Two Towns: Blantyir and Limbe (Limbe,) Connected by the Corridor. Its Main Attractions are: The National Museum, ST. Michael Cathedral, The Church of All Angels and the Mandala House House – The Oldest European Building of the Country. Another Cult Attraction, The Anglican Church on the Island of Likoma (Likoma), Was Ereted 100 Years Ago by Missionaries, And, Until now Symbol of Such a Believing Statate As the Country of Malawi.

Malawi National Cuisine

NSIMA Corn Porridge is A Preferred Dish of Malawi Inhabitants. It is served with Beans, Vegetables and Meat. Other Frequently Used Products of the Country Ares, Potatoes and Maniks. Lake Malawavi Is Replete with Fish and is a Source of Water, So nsima with fried fish is a favorite dish of a laarge number of malavians. The Country of Malawi Will Delight a Wide Variety of Original Desserts, Many of Which Will to Europeans. Among Them Can Be Distinguished: Mbatata, Mtedza, Zitumbuwa and Nthochchi.

Weather in Malawi

Located in the Middle of the African Continent, The Country of Malawi Has Two Climatic Seasons: Dry Winter (From May October) and Wet Summer (From November To April). The Hottest Month, November, Offers Temperatures Up To 27 Degrees, and the Coldest, July, Up To 20 Degrees. IF You Look at these Temperature Indicators, Itsomes Clear That is Always Nice to Relax in Malawi, Especially in The Summer, When There is Winter.