Tourist Paradise Vietnam Bay Halong

Vietname Bay Halong is a Unique Natural Monument of Oour Planet. In the mid -nineties, she was included in the unesco Heritage List, and Little Later, in the Next Century, She Was Awarded the Title of the Seven New Miracles OF NATURE, LEAVER ING SUCH UNIQUE PLACES AS A LARGE BARRIER REEF, Baikal, and event the Valid Volcano Vuluvius on the Appeninsky Peninsula.

Historical Name

With a Literal Translation of the Name of the Halong Bay, It Means “The Place Where The Dragon Sank into the Sea”.   The Locals Gave Her Such a Significant Name BaSed on the Legend States that Bay and Islands Creed a Magic Dragon Whisited Geere. HIS MIGHTY PAWS and LONG Tail Left Traces on the Ground – Deep Ditches and Failures, and when the Dragon Went Down to the Sea, The Water That Rose, Flooded Them. Thus, Only Accidential Survival Islands and Hills Rise Abo -Water.

Climate features

Halong Bay Bay Halong Has a Mild Climate. From May to October There is a Rain Season, and the Rest of the Time The Sun is dominated and drys weather prevails. For Tourists, Periods of April-May and September-October Are Consedered the Ideal Time for Visiting. Although Halong IS Open for Excursions All Year Round, You Need to be Prepared for the Fact that Winter Temperature Regime Will Be Quite Low. Freezing Here is a Rare Phenomenon, Howver, The Proximity of the Open Ocean and Cold Winds Make Themselves Felt.

Halong Bay. Beautiful Landscapes

The Magnification of Nature in this Wonderful Place is amazing. All Secrets are Reveled from the Inside – When a Tourist Ship Passes Between a Large Number of Protruuding Cliffs. There are more than two thousand of them in total. But, event the Natural Beauty of the Bay, Local CraftsMen Many Non -Sexisting Elements for AdverTting Brochures.

Halong-Vietnam Bay All the Islands of Bays Have A Rocky Breed and Dotted with Caves. You can find a huge number of formations – Stalactes and Stalagmites in Them. In the Most Beautiful Caves, Excursion Routes with Individual Lighting of Rocky Formations and Waterfalls are Equippeed.

Halong Bay. How to get

In Most Cases, Guests Come Here As Part of Tourist Excursions. However, Having Reted Here on Your Own, You Can Stay At the Hotel, and Choose Traveling by Personal Preferences. The Nerest City to Bay – Hanoi. Regular Buses Come from It, To Buy a Ticket for Which is not Difficult for Anyone to.