The Story of the Brand “Mitsubishi”

Initially, Mitsubishi Motors Corp. WAS Creed in 1873 Yataro Ivasaki as a ShipBuilding and Ship Repair Company. The first name of the Company Waskumo.

EVEN THE, ON FLAGS of HIS Suden, The Now -well -Known Logo in the Form of Three Diamonds Was Depicted. In 1917, the first Mitsubishi Car Car Was Produed. He Had a Relative Resemblance to Ford Cars.

Twenty Years Later, A New Diesel Engine Was Released and Developed in Japan, and Mitsubishi Begins to Closely and Successfully Produce Trucks, Diesel Buses, AS Well as ManUFACTUM Omobile Trailers for Cars. AFTER that A Long Time in Japan, Stunning High -quality Cars Under the Mitsubishi Brand and with the Well -known Emblem Are Produed. Japanese Cars are Distributed Around the World, 1983, Mitsubishi Cars Were Equipped with An Electronic Suspension System.

And a year later, Mitsubishi Became An Official Supplier of a Car for the Olympics, Which took Place in Sarajevo. Each year, One after Another, New Models Appear that Do Do Not Customer Customers. Thus Are Models, Both Economy – Class and Luxury Cars. In the Nineties, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Was Recognized As the World’s Largest Truck Car Manuapacturer.

By 1998, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Has Alread Produed A Complete Range of Cars of Cars and is Engaged in Improving Them.