Skowafoss Waterfall – Legendary Waterfall in Iceland

Skogafoss is a Beautiful Waterfall Located in the South of Iceland on the Skoguuu River. This Place Receved Its Name THANKS to the Village of Skotar, Which is located in Close Proximity to the Waterfall. Thanks to the most Interesting Landscapes, It Occupies a LEADING POSITION ON TOURIST Attendance, BOTH ICELAND AND THROUGHOUGHOUGHOW.


A Slichtly Tover, Along The River from the Waterfall is a Glacier with a Traditional, Difficult Name for a Rusian -Speaking Person, Eiyaafyadlayyokudl. This Beautiful Place Was Ontce by the Sea. However, The Coastline Has Shifted 6 Kilometers Over Time, Exposing a Unique Relief that Has Been Formed for Many Millennnia. The Mountain Massif Goes Along the Modern Shore and Shares The Low and “High” Parts of the Valley.

Skowafoss Waterfall Water Drops from a Height of Just Over 60 Meters, and the Width of the Waterfall is ABOUT 25 METERS. Thanks to the huge amount of spray, Which Are Obtained Due to the Fall of Water, On Days with Gooder Youquetings of the Rainbow, Which Cannot Attract Tu Urists and Conduct Interesting Excursions.

Skogafoss and Viking Legends

The Inhabitants of Iceland has a Beautiful Legend About this Wonderful Place. She Says that FIRST Resident of these Places, Viking Tracie Tourulfson His Death Hid All the Treasures of His People in A Deep Cave, Which is Right Behind Sogouchafos Right in a Huge Cliff. AFTER MANY CENTURIES, These Wealth Was Accidentally Discovered by A Little Boy Who Live Near the Cave. However, The Chest Disappeared Magically Immediately after He Picked Up the Ring. This Ring Is Currently Stored in the Local Museum Nearby.

The View of the Tourist

To thest of Sokovafoss is a special tourist trail, Which Allows You to Enjoy All The Charms of Local Nature. Following it, You can get to the mountain pass fimmwurdukhauls. This area is located BetWeen Two Large Glaciers of Mühdalsyokudl and the Alread Mentio -Eyfyadlayokyudl. Further, an Excitation Path Will Bring You -Fairy -tale Valley, Named after the Scandinavian Deity Named Thor, The Red -Haired Lord of Lightning and Thunder. Thor Was The Lord of Ordinary People, Unlike the Many Gods of the Aristocracy, Which Were Revered in Those Days.

Fining the trip along the Path from the Waterfall, You Can Quietly Find Yourself on Otery Popular Routes of Landmannalgar and Laugavegur.