Audi Cars. How different it all begin..

The Notorious Company Was Founded Today in the Distant 1909. The Founder Was a Very Talented Designer and Engineer from Germany – Augustus at Least. Why Exactly Audi? YES, EVERYTHING IS Simple, The Name of the Founder Is Translate from the German Language as Listening, and in Latin this Word Sound Audi. In 1934, Four Fairly Large Manaufacturers of Cars and Motorcycles Merged, this is what is reflected on the modern embablem of the Company – Four Rings. Today, Looking at the Rich Model Range of Audi, It is Very Difficult to Believed that in the 30s, Militarization in Germany Affeded the Company. As a Result of Which The Release of All So Beloved Cars Was Suspended. The Company at That Time Was One of the Main Suppliers of Military Transport.

AFTER LARGE -SCALE HOSTILITIS, MANY LARGE FACTORIES OF THE COMPANY COMPLETY DESTRYED, Which in the Investigation Led It to the Loss of Independence After 13 Years. FIRST, AUDI Acquired The Largest Concern Daimler-Benz AG. And a Little Later, in 1964, The Controling Stake Began to Belong to a Huge Corporation Under the Name Volkswagen Group.

In 1974, Ferdinand Piachu Replaced the Long -Croupant Chapter of the Design Department. Under HIS LEADERSHIP, The Concern Began to Increase Its Turnover Saveral Times Faster. A Five -Cylinder Engine Was Invented, Also in the Production of Engines the Began to Use Turbocharging Technologies.

In 1985, a number of Important Innovations Were Introdued: The Most Perfect Aerodynamic Design, A Fully Galvanized Body, Economy Engines with Direct Inject Diesel Fuel Fuel, Exte. MELY POWERFUL Engines for Eight and Twelve Cylinders. 1993 Became Decisive for the Company, Several Companies Were Absorbed at Once: Automobili Lambhini, Cosworth Technology and Seat.

Now, the Famous Audi Company Has the Next Rise, and It Confidently Fills The Still Little -covered Niches in the Automotive.