Finland is the northernmost state with an angry climate, and its Highly Developed and Intellectual Reality IS Concentrated in Helsinki – The Largest City Wit Many Luxuriot Squares, Dro, Dro, Dro, Dro, DRO WNing in Greeenery, Attracts Erected in Ancient Times.    Start Familiarization with the Finnish Capital from the Historical Center, The Attraction of Which Is Senate Square, On Which There Saveral Structured in the FIRST MID MID MID MID MID MID MID MID MID Mid Entury in the Spirit of Neoclassicism. Among them are the Cathedral Temple of st. Nicholas, As Well as the Main Structure of the Book Depository Made in An ascetic Style.

Helsinki Also, in the Square, Is the House of Sederholm in the Middle of the 18th Century, Which Today is the Oldest Stone Building of the City. The Sederholm, The Finnish Merchant, Was Engaged in the Construction of It, and Over Time He Was Büght a Comrade -in -arms from Russia, and Merchant Kiselev. Given His Preferences, He Made Significant Transformations, And SincE The House Has No Longer Rebuilt. Now this book is considered the most Beautiful in the capit.    One of the Most Popular Attractions of Helsinki is the Design Museum, Which Began to Function Back in the 19th Century, Due to Whohns One of the Most RepreSntative And Pressive Collections in Its Field. The Exposition Is Devited to the Historical Education and Development of Design and the Most Ultramodern Phenomena and Innovations.    However, Other Museums Are Located in Helsinki: The National – Contains a Variety of Archaeological and Historical Finds that Can Tell ABOUT THE HISTORILE and Cultural PAST of THE In Different Periods; ATENEUM IS An Art Museum in Which The Exhibits of Finnish Art of the XVIII Century Are Concentrated.    The List of Remarkable and Memorable Places of the City Includes ackber of Exciting Churches, One of Was Cut Down Directly in a Granite Rockk. The Structure Has a Transparent Vault Through Which Sunlight Penetrates Inside. This, in Particular, is a Unique and Fantastic Structure, and the Assumption Cathedral, Located in Helsinki, IS Consedered the Largest Orthodox Church in EUROPE.    The Fortress of Suomenlinna, Built in the XVIII Century On the Primorsky Coast, IS Still Perfectly Preserved. This is a wonderful and at the same Time Massive and Monumental Construction, The Territory of Which Has Several Museums, In Some Cases Pretty Unhoken: For Example, it is herepe th. E Museum of All Kinds of Toys and Dolls IS Located.