Cars of the Future

What Will Be Cars of the Future? This Question Worries Manufacturers, Because Oil Reservice Are Quickly Ending, and Time Remains Less and Less Time. Undoubtedly, Cars of the Future Will Receive Completly Different Motors. These Will Not Be Gasoline Power Units, But Electric Engines. Almost All Large Automakers Are Currently Working on the Creation of Such Engines. This Work Will Give Huge Results, Inter Some 30 – 40 Years, When Oil Reservice Are not Enure to Provide Cars with Fuel.

SO, the first Quality of Cars of the Near Future Will Be economy. Despite the Electric Motors, Cars Will Be Economical. If a car with an elementric Motor Can 50 – 150 Kilometers, the Vehicle of the Mid -21st Century Must Overcome Significantly Long Distances. To this end, Automakers Will Continue to Fight High Energy Consumption and Mass Reduction. Alriedy Now there Cars with a Carbon Fiber Body, and in the Future There Will Be Much More Such Cars.

The Second Feature Will Be Great Power. Of Course, it is difficult to actaultaneous increase in efficient and increase the retourn of Motors, But This Will Be the Machines of the Machines of the Fut ure. There is alread a tendens to Increase Power and Simultaneousul a Decrease in Motors. For Example, Volkswagen Creates Compact Power Units with Complety Solid Technical Charteristics. But, The Development of Science Will Only Push Manoufacturers to New Solutions.

The Third Quality Lies in Environmental Friendliness: Machines Shoup Not Harm the Environment and Nature. For Example, Skoda Plans to Create a Car That Does Not Have A Motor At All. IT Will Move with the Help of the Wind.

Reducing the Size of the Machine Is One of the Most Important Qualites, The Vehicle of the Future. EVEN AT PRESENT, SOME ManUFACTURERS ARE DEMSTRESTING COMPACT CARS to the Public. These are Toyota Pod, Nissan Pivo, Nissan Nails and Mazda Nagare. However, Compact Cars are Unlikely to Displace All Other Cars from the Market. It is Possible that Family Machines Like Mitsubishi Lancer, Skoda Octavia and Mercedes – Benz of Future Generations Will BE WIDESPREAD. Thus Models Will Probably Be in Demand and Mid -21st Century. But, no one Will Turn Them Into Double Cars. Still, Family Cars Will Also Be Needed, Accommodating At Least 4 People and Havy a Large Trunk.

Supercars Will Not Lose Their Relevance. Without Sports Cars, The Manoufacturer Is Unlikely to Do Do, Became there Always Lovers of Drive and Active Driving. In a Word, All Cars of the Future Will Be Divined Into Two Categories: Sports Cars and City Compacts. The Latter Will Become Indispensable Human Companions on Weekdays, and Sportsmen Focus on Wealthy Family People. The Sports Car of the Future Will Become An Alternative to Today’s Porsche Panamera Or Mercedes – Benz Cls. That is, it Will BE Both Large, and PowerFul, and Spacious. It is Impossible to Exclude the Appension of Compact Hypercars, Successors of the Current Lambhini and Ferrari. BUT THE WILL BE Universal Cars, Including Mercedes – Benz Silver Flow. He Will Be Able to Change His Size, That is, On the Highway Such a Sports Car Will LengThen, And in the City – Decrease, Due to Mobile Material. ALSO, The Owners of Such Cars Will Get Rid of the Princes of Repair: The Car Itself Willf Will to Correct the Consequences of the Accaction, Like Plasticine, Will Be Able to Tighten The Dents Itself.

In the 21st Century, Cars Will Undergo Big Changes. And All LEADING ManUFACTURERS Converters in the ABOVE Qualites. The Rapid Development of Nanotechnologies, a Breakthrough in Design, The Spread of Electronics and Numerous “Traffic Jams” – All this cars of the.