Business Idea: We Earn An Excavator Rental

Today’s Business Idea Will Require an Entreprepeur, Have a Fairly Large Initial Capital, Or a Desire to Take A Change and Take A Loan to Buy Special Equipment Or Make Laising.


Initially, it is Worth Paying Attendation, SincE The Excavator Performs Various Types of Works that May Require Permission, We Will Destroy the Myth – No Permits Need. Previously, The Work Performed by Special Equipment – In Our Case, Various Excavation Work, IT Necessary to Obtain Licenses. Now Licenses Were Replaced by Sro, and Earth Form of Work Is Not InCloud in Those For Which Permission is Needed.

In Any Case, When Leasing Special Equipment for Rent, Its Necessary to Fate in the Contract with The Customer that One Scavator Driver, A Permit To PerforM From Him, In Case of Not Standard Use of Your Excavator.

Lack of Sro, For Entry Into Average It Will Take ABOUT 300,000, To Start the Business, The Money is Quite Large.

What Income to Count on

IF YOU Constantly Find Customers and the Technique Will Be Involved in Objects, Tio Can Say Confidence that IS a HIGHLY Profitable Business. For Example, IF You Rent An Excavator for a Month For Rent, And for Example, The Price of the Hitachi ZX 330 Excavator Is an Average of 1.700 Rubles Per Car, The Eight-Huight-Ho Ur Shift on the Day, You Will Receive An Income of 1700 * 8 * 30 = 408000 Rubles.

Considering that the Customer Carries The Cost of Transportation and Diesel Fuel, We Can that This Business Is Attractive.