Cabo-Werde-Calm, Simple, Safe World

Being 5-6 Hours of Summer from Large European Airports, The Cabo-Werde Volcanic Archipelago a Place in Demand by Travelers who Prefer Someting Pecial. ITS 15 Islands, Large and Small, Combine Picturesque Mountain Ranges with DelightFul Sandy Beaches. The Inhabitants of the Islands are Immigrants from Senegal and Brazil, Who Are Located Closest to the Archipelago. This mixture makes itself felt in the ubiquitous music, Which is a unique symbiosis of the salsa, samba and African Motifs. In the Modern Rabid World, The Country of Cabo-Werde Remains a Calm, Simple and Safe World.

The Attractions of Cabo-Werde   

Each ISland of the Cabo-Werde Archipipelago Is Distinguished by sge. On the Green and Quiet of Santiago There is a Velia Citadel-The Fourst European Territory in the Tropics, The Ruins of the Settlements of the 16th Century, Which Suffered From the Vagari Es of the Weather and Invasions of the Pirates, and the Fortels-Rail -de-San-Filipe Offers an Enchanting OverView of the Ocean. The Busy Boa Vista is Ideal for Diving and Surfing, and Its Desert Dunes Are Interesting for Study.

Another Excitation Place of the Archipelago Island of Fogu, on Which a Colorful Volcanic Peak Is Located. Surrounded by the Ocean, The Country of Cabo-Werde Offers Many Beaches, The Most Peculiar of Which Areshes with White Sand on Sald and Black, on the ISLAND OF Nicolau. Another Unique Attraction Is Offered by the Island of Sal: Salt Mines Built in the Crater of an Extint Volcano. Fans of Cultural Heritage Cany Live Music in San Vinent, Were on EVERY Pike the IS An Enchanting Voice of Cesaria Evora-The True National Emblem of Cabois.

National Cuisine of Cabo-Werde

The Main Dishes of the National Cuisine of the Archipelago Are: Cachupa – Stewed Meat with Spitses, Djagacida – Chiken with Rice and Gufong – Corn Bread, and the Most Comonly Ussed Proure S: Corn, Rice, Couscus, Pork, Chicken and Fish, Especially Tuna. Located in the Tropics, The Country of Cabo-Werde Has The Widest Spectrum of Exotic Fruits.

Weather in Cabo-RERDA

August-October is not the most favorable time to relix on the islands, BecAuse the Season of Rins, Winds and Waves Can Interfer with Rest. The Rest of the Year, The Country of Cabo-Werde Offers Weather Conditions that Pamper Tourists. Temperatures from 25 to 35 Degrees, Warm Water and Many Sunny Days, Perfectly Suitable for Family Vacation, Water Entertainment Or Unforgettable HoneyMoon.