Spy Photos BMW 7 2009

Edmunds has photos and videos of a car, which in all likelihood can be well camouflaged BMW 7th series 2009, diligently working on the Teutonic highway, which we all love and know.

While The Car May Turn Out to be a Simple Engineering Test Car, Edmunds Claim that Shoup Not Be Surprised that Modernization of the Future Generation Wille Be More Evolounces Ary than the Revolutionary. The F01 Model Developed by the Company Receives a Longer Standard Wheelbase, Despite the Fact that F02 Model Is Version L and Has Aditional 14 Centimeters. L-Version IS Also Wider, Which Makes It Possible to Balance The Landing. The Rumor About the New Design Flewwond the Whole World and the Day by Day is Strong, So that Lengthening Will Be Little Ar and Front Heads. The Prototype Has an Excellent Pair of Exhaust Pipes Drowned in the Rear of the Car, They Will Become a Wonderful Bar of the “Seven” If the Company Leaves Them in the Production Verstion Versation Ion (And Will Also Save Buyers from the Need To Order Similar Exhaust Pipes in Tuning Companies). Another Big News is the Probability of a Hybrid Power Plant Or, Possibly, Diesel Approved by US Standards.

EVEN THIS CAR DOES NOT TURN OUT To BE ANEW MODEL OF 2009, The VIDEO STILL Deserves Attendation. The Driver Driving the BMW May Be Pilot of the BMW Team Formula 1 Sebastian Wittel, Who, Being a Very Gifted Racer, Does Not Participate in Friday Arrevals.