Car Taxes in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, The New President Has Been Ruled for More than a Hundred Days. It is no secret that the government was formed by the Party of the New Head of State. TheFore, All Kinds of Innovations are Implemented Quickly and Confidently. Reforms and Car Industry Vid Not GO.

In the country in the Whole There Is a Discussion of the New Tax Code. It is Planned to have a Bunch of Innovations Regarding Cars: An Increase in the Transport Tax By Half a Percent, Tax Will Increase When Selling/Buying Former Use of Cars S Charged Today).

Tous, the state trying to get more funds from the sale of cars to the budget. And Gere You Canjor Officials, SincE The Number of Motorists that is Observed in Ukraine Proveces the Solvency of the Population. And Gere You Will Not Oppose Anything, Except for the Desire to Reduce the Costs of Customers of Cars That Were in Use.

Another Thing is Interesting: An Increase in Any Tax of 15 (!) Once in Any Industry IS a Suspic. AFTER ALL, BeFore that, The Country Lved with The Previous Bet for Many Years and EVERYTHING WAS Fine. T. E. or earlier the tax rate arling a car was Sharply underethimated, or the Current Government to Introduce Dragon Norms. Let’s See Where Such Innovates in the Field of Car Sales Will Lead Us.