Swaziland Country – Switzerland in Southern Africa

The Small Kingdom of Swaziland Found Its Refuge Between South Africa and Mozambik. Very Offten Its Called “Switzerland of Africa” ​​BecAuse of the Silence and Tranquility of this Region. Here African Culture Flourishes Near Modern High -Class Hotels and Fascinating Reservations. Compared to Neighbors, The Country of Swaziland Escaped Racial Tension, Although You Can’t Call it Rich.

Svaziland’s Sights

The Capital of Mabababababane is located in the colorful azulvini Valley (Ezulwini) and Has Several Tourist Objects, But the Main Attractions of Swaziland are Natural Reeral Renserves Onal Parks That Have the Most Beautiful Landscapes of the Southern Part of the African Continent. They Offer the Opportunity to Observe Many Exotic Animals, Including Behind a Black Rhino, Which is on the Verge of Complete DisAppearnce.

ALSO in the Ezulvini Valley Is the City of Lobamba (Lobamba), Woo Canit the Embumbo Palace, The National Museum and the Royal Museum Dedicated to the King of Sobhuu. The Country of Swaziland is Known by Its Glass Craft Work. For Example, At a Glass Factory, Ngwenya (Ngwenya) Made of Redesigned Glass Make Magnificent Glass Figures of Animals, Birds, Gods. The Country Swaziland Offers Entertainment for Extreme Lovers. Hikes on Rafts Along The Usutu River (Usutu), Adrenaline Will Stir Up Axtremal, Especially in the Whirlpools (Bulungu).

National Cuisine Swaziland

The Plain Country Swaziland Offers Goodites for Growing Corn, Sorghum, Legumes, Peanuts and Potatoes. It isse products that are the Main Ingredients of Local Cuisine, To Which Meat and Some Vegetables Are Added. The Meat is Eaten No More once A Day, Rest of the Time, Preferring Porridge, Vegetables and Acidic Milk. National Dishes and Drinks: Vaba Ganush-Puree of Baked Eggplant, Ti-Bon-Beef Steak On a Bone, Grenade Sorbet, Amarula-Dairy Liquor.

Weather in Swaziland

October is considered. The Temperature at this Time Reaches 30 Degrees. In Winter (June-August), The Temperature May Drop to 10 Degrees of Heat. The Most Rain Season in the Country Is the Summer Months (December-Marsch), But Rains, Most Offten, Short-Term and Not Constant.