Country Budan

Butane is the Kingdom Located in the Himalayas. The Capital of the Kingdom is the City of Thimphu.

The Attractions of Butan

UndoubTEDLY, The Amazing and One of the Most Important Attractions of Butan Is Dzongi, Which Are Mosten Located ONTAINS Or ORE OF THE RIVERS OF THE RIVERS OF THE RIVERS OF THE COUN Try. Dzongi Are Large Fortresses – Monasteries in Which a Large Number of People Are Obsessed. In the dzongs there is a buddhist Monaster and administration, They Are Also Adapted for Military Fortifications, Universities, Monasters and Centers of Culture and Management.

The Execution of Animals in the Country of Butane is Sticktly Prohibited, and the Chopping of Vegetation Is Allowed Only with the Permision of the Ministry of Forest, Which Is Accompanied by the Payment of Duties.

The Largest Monastery in Butan is Jakar -Dzong, Which Is Located in the Provincial of Jakar, Was Erected in 1549 and IS Used as an Administiral Center Center Choskhor.

Not far from the Provincial of Jakar, There is Lake MEBARTZO, MASS MEDITATION IS CARRIED OUT OF THE THIS LAKE and PILGRIMAGES ARRANGED. The Hilly Boomthang Valleys Ares Widely Known for Their Beauty and a Large Number of Palacces and Temples. It is as huge number of Small Temples and Buddhist Schools Are Located, Which Arecteristic Feature of the Central Part of the Country of Butane. BoomThang is Also Known, Also thanes to His Workshop, Wheep Makes Surpringly Beautiful Woven Panels Out of Ropee Wools.

National Cuisine of Butana

The UndouBted Ingredient of the National Buttan Cuisine is Chiles, Corn Pepper, Red Rice and Buckwheat. From Meat Products Prefer: Yak Meat, Chicken, Pork and Arid Beef. Rice is used to prepare a side dish, pilaf, soups and cereals. It is ALSO WORTH TASTEING OF EMA DATES, Which SEEMS to Be SPICY PEPPER PODS with Cheese Stewed in Oil. In the Country, Boots are Widely Known for Dairy Products, It is Worth Trying the Chesee of Datsa, Which IS Prepareed On the Foundations of the Cow of Milk, AS Well as AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS Heze That is Made on the Basics of Milk Milk. A commemon drink is suza or souza – this is a butane tea with butter. Among Alcohol Products Are Preferred by Moonshine Ara and Beer Chang, Changs.

The Climate of Butana

Despite The Small Size of the Country of Butan, The Climate Is Quite Different. In the Southern Part of the Country, The Average Temperateure of January Plus Eleven Degrees, In July, Plus Nineteen – Twenty -One Degrees. In the Northern Part in Winter Minus Four, in the Summer Plus Sixteen Degrees. ABOUT 1000 MM of Precipitation Per year Falls on the Northern and Western Slopes and ABOUT 5500 MM on the Southeastern and Southern Slopes of the Country.