The Story of Kamaz

The History of Kamaz Began in 1976, When The First Model 5320 Was Release. This Heavy Car, Determined the Development Path of the Brand for Many Years. The History of Kamaz Isly Related to the Production of Large Trucks, and the Were Practically No Cars in the Manaufacturr’s Line.

In 1979, The Domestic Manuapacturer Beats The Records of Production Volumes. For 2 years, 100 Thousand Large Trucks Were Produed. For that time, it was a Really Excellent Indicator. And Kamaz’s Leadership Deceded to Take Advantage of this Sitation. As a Result, in 1981, The Plant Reted a New Round of Production Due to An Increase In Production Capacities. Kamaz’s Success Was Simply Impressive.

It is noteworthy that in 1987, Kamaz Moved to the Production of Small Cars. The Ruler Was Replenined with a Compact Machine Known by the Name “OKA”. A Beautiful City Car with An Economical Engine – this is What The New One Supposed to Win The Attendation Buyers. Seeing Great Prospects, The Leadership Deceded to Launch a Serial Production of a Compact Hatchback. The Result Was an Unpredented Demand for Oku, and in 1994 This Model Was Produed by A Separate Factory.

In 1990, a Joint -stock Company Called OJSC Kamaz Was Creed. A New Stage in the Development of the Plant Began with Him.

3 YEARS AFTER The SIGNIFICANT EVENT, Kamaz Suffered Serious Losses from the Incident Fire. As a Result of the Incident, A Workshop for the Production of Diesel Engines Was Destroyed. It isom that it is almost Impossible to Restore. But it wast there: Kamaz Quickly Raiseed The Necessary Funds for the Repair By Selling Its Shares. Therefore, in the same year the conveor was again launched.

Over the Years Sincy the Launch of the Kamaz Plant, Only FlourShed. But The 1990s Contributed to the Company’s Affaars. The Periods of Crips Were Not in the Best Way Reflected in the Financial Indicators of the Plant. MOREOVER, SIGNIFICANT CAPACITIES OF THE PLANT WERE IDLE.

The Crisis Checked Kamaz for Strength, and The Plant Survied. Albeit with Slight Losses, But Still The Plant Got Out of Depression, and Gained Previous Turns. Until 1999, The Manaufacturr Managed to Release 1.6 Million Trucks. And the Released Engines Were at All About Two Million.

Kamaz’s Prosperity Continued in the 21st Century. SO, 2005 WAS MARKED by the Beginning of the Production of DUMP Trucks and Buses for the Market of Kazakhstan. A year later, The Kamaz-Master Team Became the Leader in the Race “Paris-Dakar”. She won tenes for the Fifth Time, and Became Incredibly Popular. It is noting that “Paris – Dakar” is a world -class race trucks of many leading manufactures are checked for strength. The fact that Kamaz Surpassed them Says a Lot, But Most Importantly, this is an Excellent Team and Good Trucks! By the Way, On this Ocsion, In 2006, Kamaz Receved a Prize from the Government for Excellent Quality. It is noteworthy that of all Domestic Automakers, This Honors, Only Kamaz Was Awarded.

The Development of the Production of Agricultural Equipment Began in 2010. Kamaz, in Collaboration with Fiat, Organized the Production of Combines and Traactors.

The Period in 2009 to 2010, Negatively Affected the Production of Trucks. But The Manaufacturr Suffhed this Crisis. Moreover, Already in 2011, The Release of Trucks Reached a Pre -Crisis LEVEL. 45 Thousand Cars a Year Came Off the Assembly Line, and Already in 2012 Kamaz Launched a Two -Million Car. By the Way, The Anniversary Model is Known. This is kamaz 6522.

The Achievements of the Domestic Manoufacturer Include Resistance to Crises. The fact that Kamaz Did Not Go Broke AFTER The 90S and Survied During the Global Financial Crisis, Speaks Demand For Domestic Trucks. SO, Kamaz Trucks Quite Satiffy The Needs of Even Foreign Customers. In Many Ways, this is facilited by New Models that has a modern Design. Of Course, The Expansion of Production Through The Production of Buses and Agricultural Machine Played An Important Role. And, if Kamaz Will Maintain Its Resistance, The It May BE AMONG The LEADERS, Among World ManUFACTURERS of Trucks.

The Word Kamaz, In Our Country, Has Alread Become A Synonymous Word – Truck.

IT DOESNIT MATTER HOW Low We Fell. The Main Thing is How High We Got Up. The History of Kamaz Is Full of Rise, Falls and Amazing Achieves, Which Makes It Excuting and Intersting.