DIY Power Bumper UAZ.

Today therma Many Cars that Famous for High Cross -country Ability and Enduraance. But Those Who Prefer To Deal with Reliable Domestic Technology Are Chosen by Suvs of the Uaz Brand. Value Him for His Maneuverabs, UNPRETENIOUUSNESS and Exceptional Abilities of the All -Terran Vehicle. And Despite the Fact that uaz Brand Has Been Creed for a Long Time, Its ReleASD to this Day Improprovents and Improprovimentes. In Addition, The Motorists Themselves are finalizing it, Adjusting to Their Interests and Needs, Strengthening the Chassis and Power of the Units, Establish Additional Optical and Moder Nize the Bumper.

IF YOU ARE PREPARING A CAR for Traveling On Severe Off -Road, THE JUST NEED to Install Reinforced Bumers. UNFORTUNATELY, Foreign Manaufacturers Do Not Make the Devices for Russia Cars, and Domestic Offers A Poor Choice, So Many Motorists Make Bumper FOR UAZ WITH THEIR OWN HANA. They Design Their Massive Designs Under the Operating Conditions. Hi-Jacks Are Installed on Them, A Platform Is Made for Fastening The Winch.

In Cases What the Car is Operated in Very Harsh Conditions, The Place Under the Fastening of the Winch Is English, Installing Inside Peributes the Loca Entire Area of ​​the Bumper. I Note that optimal Place for Placing the Winch is Exactly Inside the Structure, and Not on Top, SincE the More the Winch Is Lower, The More Effective Its Work Work Work. Kangurin is welded to the upper Part of the Front Bumper, The Task of Which Is To Cover The Radiator, and harmetimes “Glasses” to Protect the Headlights. Kangurin’s Height Should Be Little Higher than the Hood and Protect the Entire Front of the Car. Such Power Bumpers for UAZ Made by Yourself Offten Surpass The Factory Anaalogues in Strength.

On the REAR BUMPERS, ALSO Offen Provide a Platform for Fastening The Winch. In Addition, Many Motorists Make a So -called Gate, A SPECIAL CONSOLE OPENINGSIDE, ONISH A SPARE WHEEL IS Attached. Offen, it is mounted under the Canister. Both The Front and the Rear Bumper ATTACHED to the Frame.

It is not so difficult to make a Power Bumper IF YOU HAVE SKILLLS In Working with WELDING AND A GRINDER.

Someone Uses Pipes for this Purpose, Someone Bent Channel, And with Special Equipment, You Canso Make a Pattern of Whole Shet. Authoritate Foreign Manaufacturers Make Power Bumpers From a Single Sheet of Metal, Which is Bent (And not weld) According to the Given Template. But the Price of a Set of Such Bumpers Is Comparable to the Price of a Used Small.