Honda Changes The Strategy

In July 2015, I Was Attacked by. Here You have for – One of the Best, According to My Concepts of Auto -Brands, The Planet Was Primarily Chasing Sales, Sometimes Scoring the Quality. My interpretation, Althrow from thesis of the New Leader Honda Mr. Takakhiro Khachigo, this Conclusion Follows Precisly.

I Perfectly Understanding that EVERYTHING IN THIS World Is Relative and Very Dependant On the Point of View. To someone, Lada Grant Seems to be a Super Car, and to Someone Honda of the Last Generation Chord is not Very. After All, the is Still BMW, Porsh, Mazerati Finally. TheFore, for a Qualitate Analysis of the Genesis of Honda in the Second Decade of the Second Millennium from P. X. You Need to Correctly Formulate the Input Data.

And they first of all say this: Sales of the Brand in the World Fell by 19%. As for me, this is a lot, Especially Taking Into Account a Fairly Good State of the World Economy as a when. USA and China are Growing as a Car for Cars, Other Countries Except the Russian Federal. And Under Such Fairly Greenhouse Conditions, Honda Managed to Lose The Fifth of the Market in aear. It is not surpring that Shareholders Deceded to Change the Head of TM.

SO, Under Hachigo, Honda Will Abandon Aggress Sales Growth Plans and Will Begin to Think ABOUT QUTUST PLECT PLACE; Will Load The Existing Power as Much as Possible, While the New One Not Open; Local Models of the Brand Will Go Around The World; The Lineup of the Company Will Be Carefully Modernized in Favor of Innovation and Excitation Cars.