Insignia and XTS – Brothers Forever? Today, The Autocar Publication with Reference to the Acting Executive Director of Opel Thomas Sedren, Whill Yild to the Former Manager of the Chinese Unit Volkswksw Agen and the ex-Director of Continental Karl-Tomas Neumann Only on March Only, Reported That The Next Generation of Opel/Vauxhall Insignia Will Be a Blocked Version … Luxury Sedan Cadillac XTS. However, this is not at all surpring if you recall that is current Flagship of the American Brand is Built on the Elongated Insignia Platform. Surprising Another – with What Ease of Automakers Are Ready to Abandon Their Own “Person”.“To replace the Current Generation of Insignia, We Will Use Internal Resources,“ Sedran Said. – OUR Advantage is that we cane General Motors Technologies, Also Designed for Cadillac.IS Expected that “Twin” Insignia and XTS Will Appear On the Market AFTER 2015, and for now, Motorists Cancuss Fresh Photos of the Restoles of the Current FlagShip Opel , Which is Currently Underhing The Latest Tests in the North. Fortunatly, There is someting to Discuss: Even Under Camouflage You Notice Changed Bumers, Front Headlights and Rear Lights. Rumor Has it The Car Will Also Receive An Imprved Interior and More Economical Engines. However, Who Guess: Very Soon All the “Masks” Will Be Reset – The Novelty Shoup Be Presented AT A Car Dealership in Geneva, After Which It Will Go On Sale. And, Apparently, this Will Be the Last Non -Personality of Insignia ..