Noise Insulation of the Car.

As you know, the car is a source of noise. A long trip in vehicles with a Low LEVEL OF Noise Protection is not Tedious, But Also Poses a Threat to the Health of the Driver and Passengeers. Such A Drawback is has Vehicles of Domestic Production and Inexpensive Foreign Cars.

Their Quality and Cost Depend on Saving by the Manufacturr on High -quality Vibro – And Noise Protection Materials. Most of all this is noticeable howling acoustics in a car. Whether it is Turned on the Cabin, Literally EVERYTHING BEGINS to VIBRETE. To eliminate this, it is Necessary to make noise – and vibration isolation.

Such Work Can Be Entrusted to Professionals in a Car Repair Shop, But You Can do’s Insulation of the Car with Your Own Hands. The work begins with the dismantling of the front Panel, the removal of the seats and the flooring, the sheathing of the ceiling and doors, the stirpping of Rom The Rust Shoup Be Cleaned. The Next STEP Will BET REVISION and CONSOVILIDATION OF ALL KINDS of NUTS, BOLTS, WIRes, Screws, Fasteners and Their Degreasing, After Which It Possible to Proeced with Noise ITH NOISE NSULATION.

It is not not that for each secation of the car, Individual SoundProofing Materials Should Berat Differ in Texture and Thickness. A Thin Layer of Material Can Be Ussed for the Roof, Doors, Wings, Front Panel. Thicker Material Shoup Be Laid on the Floor, Hood, Trunk. In Order to Avoid Unnecessary Expenses for Insulating Materials, You Shoup Make a Preliminary Pattern of All Parts.

In Order to Qualitate Carry Out the Noise Insulation of the Car with Your Own Hands, You Need to Use A Construction Hair to Warm Up the InSulan Lasticity. Warm Sheets are Easier to Give Them the Necessary Shape and Configuration, Which Will Serve As a Guarantee of the Quality of the Work Done.

With SoundProofing the Ceiling of the Car, It is Necessary to Carefully Remove Its Skin. The Easiest Way to This Through The Trunk or Windshield. In Cars Having Glood Glass, You have to Dimantle It, Which Will Take a Certain Time. When Processing the Front Panel and Doors, You Shoup Pay Special Attend to the Wiring in Wire Must Be Rewund and Glueed to the Panel Or Body or Body.

Wheel Arches, Wings, Thresholds, Trunk and Niche for the Spare Is Glood in the Same Way as the Floor. In Order Not to Subsequently Damage The Insulation Material with a Reserv, You Ned to Lay A Cardboard IT. When CondUCTING THE WORks, It Must Be Remebered that Last One Shoup Glue The Hood, For Which The Spaces Between The Stiffeners Are Filled Witch InS.