Portugal-Resort and Historical City

Portugal is a quiet European Country in Europe. NATURE BY SOME MIRACLE HAS STILL REMINED UNTOUCHED, AlTHOUGH EVERYTHING IS VERY Comfortable for the Life of Tourists. Portugal IS Respected by National Traditions and Customs, Residents ARE POLITE, HAVE SELF -ESTEEM, RESTRANED, HOSPITABLE and Responsive.   Cool Slopes with Houses Built On Them Look Amazing. It seems that Houses are Growing Straight from the Rocks. The Roofs of Houses Are Covered with Brick Color with Tiles, and the Walls Are White, Like from Snow. The Cliffs Are Covered with Rich Herbs and Flowers as a Thick Carpet. Imagination Affects The Azure, with the Piercing Blue Water of the Atlantic Ocean. Sandy Beaches are Beckoning to ThemSelves, BecAuse Against the Backdrop of Rocks and Ocean the World Seems to be a Bewitching, Intriguing.

EVERYONE CAN FINE SOMITHING FOR THEMSELves: Beautiful Nature, Monuments of Architecture and History.

The Main SPA CITIES OF PORTUGAL ARE Located on the Shore of the Atlantic Ocean Or on the Islands.

Lisbon – The City of Lisbon Lisbon is the Capital of Portugal, The City Is Located On Seven Hills, Steep and Located Close to Each Other. The Kitchen is rich in marine Creatures in Different Forms. The Weather is not Hot Up to 30 Degrees in the Summer and Up to 15 Winter. The Historical Center of Lisbon Is the Castle of. George, Which Was the House of the Portugueze Kings. From the Port of Lisbon Vasco Da Gama Went to the Shores of India. In Lisbon there More than 200 Hotels for EVERY TASTE and Price.

Madeira – The City of Madeira Madeira, IS Remebered by His Solitude, Clean Air, Silence and Transquelity. The Resort Island. There are no beaches, but Stairs are Provided Leading Directly to the Ocean. Fans of Calm Relaxation, Fishing, Hunting, Golf, Scuba Diving Are Going to Madeira. Madeira Is Famous for her Wine of the Same Name. There Are Many Exotic Fruits on the Island, and Seafood Prevail in the Kitchen. Climate is Warm: In Winter on Average 23 Degrees, and in Summer 28 Degrees. Excursions are Held to the Botanical Garden, Volcanic Caves, Orchid Garden. For Lovers of Thrills, There ARE PARAGLIDS, MOUNTAIN BICYCles, Sloppy Equipment, HorseBack Riding, Surfing, Water Skiing. On the Island ABOUT 170 HOTELS. Office – The City of Vyudus Obidush – “City of Brides” with White Houses Characteristic of Portugal and Brick -colored Roofs. Kings of brides after. Fairytale Views Havy Small Courtyards, Bridges, Churches. Famous for the Church of. Mary in the City Center, A Liqueur in a Chocolate Cup, A Monastry, Were Representates of the Burgundy Dynasty Weresed Virgin Mary Trooyeski wasn 1917.   And these are only 3 Resort Places, and there ARE MORE THE 140 of them In Portugal: Algarve, Kint to the Lago, Vilamura – Quarter, Alvor, Estheril, Kashkaysh, Lisbon RIV, LISKAYSH, LISKAYSH, LISKAYSH, LISKAYSH, LISKYSH Iera, GinSch and Others.