Seven Best Cars

At a Popular Automobile Exhive in Geneva, Zhuri Announced the Finalists of the Contest “Car of the Year”.

7 Models of Cars, Different Manoufacturers Were in the Final. Ford Focus, Fiat Panda, Range Rover Evoque, Opel Ampera/Chevrolet Volt, Volkswagen Up Fight for Winning the Nomination! And Toyota Yaris, Citroen DS5.

The Verdict Will Be solemnly Issood in March on a Car Show in Geneva. The Winners Will Be Chosen by Voting, Between 59 Journalists from the Famous Auto Publications.

Recall that The British Range Rover Crossover Was Alreaded The Winners of this Competition. In January 2012, He Was Recognized as the Best at the Detrox Car Dealership. Fiat Also does not lag Behind British Colleagues. Fiat Panda Was a Winner of a Similar Nomination in 2004. Ford Focus, Which Throughot 2011, Was Very Popular in Europe, IS Also in the Top Three of the Leaders. ABOUT OTHER Applicants: One of the Nemts May Be in the Winners. Opel ampera (in the USA THIS Model Is Sold Under the Name Chevrolet Volt) Futuristic Design and The Progressivens of a New Generation Electric Car, Provides an Increased Mileage Range More than 500 KM, a good indicator on the Market of Electric Vehicles and Hybrids. Volkswagen Up! Compact Minivan, Which Inspires Confidence. HAVING A VERY Attractive Design and the Most Modern Electronics, The Seven Best Cars in 2011 are in the nomination.

Toyota Yaris and Her Hybrid Modification, Never Became the Winner of Such Competitions. BUT THIS YEAR SHE HAS Good Chances, to be at Least in the Three Leaders.