BMW E36 Review

Consider Such An Interesting Car as BMW in the E36 Back, For Sure Eve Young Man Dreamed At Least Once About BMW, ABOUT THE BAVARIAN HORSE, ABOUT GERMAN COURMAN. You can see that now this car not left the top of the most Popular Cars Among Young People. Such a Beauty Was Produed from 1991 to 1998. The Predecessor E36 is the Legendary E30, BUT WELL MAKE A ReView On IT A Little Later.

IF YOU LOOK at the Market and What We are Offered to Buy, The More than Half Ares Killed in the Trash, Whose Owners Are Trying to “Poke”. What is this model popular? The Quality of the Assembly, The Spirit of that Time, BecAuse Now the Do Not Do Do Such Cars as Before, And the BMW E36 HAS Its Own SPECIAL, UNIQUE, COMBAT CHARACTER. She looks malicious and aggressive, she has a rear -wheel drive, Which is who she loves to “drift” and annex well. Most Offen On the Road You Can Find A Sedan, A Station Wagon, But the Compartment and “Sompact” are not so olden.

Once I Had a “Three E36”, The Car pleated, EVERY MORNING IT WAS PLEASANT To get the CAR, NOT EVEN CAN DELIVER SUCH A FEELING, And ALSO, BMW HAS SUCH An Interesting, Specific Smell, Specific Smell Most Likely The Smell of Success, Luxury, Which it Has Been Preserved SincE The 90s, WHO COULD AFFORD to Buy Such a Car at that Time.


The Name of the Model Depends on the Installed Engine. Engines Such As 1 Were Produed from the Plant.6, 1.8, 1.8is, 1.8TDS, 2.0, 2.3, 2.5, 2.5TDS and 2.8 .

Engine Characteristics

Stable these Engines Depart 400-500 Thousand. KM, They Will Endure the Most String Conditions, Starts from Traffic Lights Without Problems, But IT NOTED THAT NOT SUCCESSFUL MOTORS ARE.6 and 1.8, since therma Very Weak and the NEED A Frequent Replaceement of the Timing. This must be Done EVERY 40 Thousand. km. There were cases how the belt was eager before. ALSO A Weak Engine Location 1.8, this is the Premature Wear of the Gasket of the GBC. IS Recommoded to Take BMW with Motor 2.5, The Most Optimal Option, Has Sufficient Power in 192 Liters. C and Excellent Traction, At Engines 2.0, 2.5 and 2.8 is a chain Inst, a belt drive. The Consumption in Normal Mode in the City Is 11 Liters, On the Highway 8 Liters. Thus Engines are Trulyi Reliable, The People Call them A “Stove”, in -line Six. He Who Traveled, He Knows that BMW isly to Be Able to Ride, Especially When Youthis Beautiful Engine Sound, The Sound of An in -Line Six. It’s not for noting that lot – BMW is a disease!

But, Beavarian Heart, Careful, Special Care Is Needed, Its Necessary to Fill in High -quality Antifreeze, And Monitor the Cooling System, Otherwise the Engine Will Si mply go to overheat. This is facilited by a reliable viscous couPlining, a Cork Which Acts As a Valve of the Discharge of Excess Pressure Or the Expansion Tank Itself. It is ALSO Necessary to Fill in High -quality Motor Oil, and Change the Oil in the Gearbox.

BMW Diesel Engines are Also Reliable and PowerFul, I Myself Had to Ride a Diesel 2.5 TDS, The Dynamics Is Impressive. But the Motors Themselves Are Very Complicated for Repair, So After 250 Thousand. KM Begins to Pop up Problems and People Are Trying To Sell Them Faster to Sell Them. Very Offen, The Turbine Fails, The Oil Enters the Intercooler, The Repair of the Fuel and Energy Systems (Fuel Pump) is Also Necessary, The Plunger Pars are USALLILLY CHANGED. Repair of Course Goes into a Penny.

BMW E36 Gearboxes Are not Killed. Up to 150-200 Thousand in Them there is not at all. THEN YOU CHANGE THE INEXPENSIVE CULULIS OIL SEAL, A LITTLE LATER – The Seal of the Shank Box. After 250 Thousand, You Will Have to Change the Elastic Coupeling of the Cardan Shaft (The Rear Drive).


The BMW E36 Suspension Is Very Reliable, The Silent Blocks Hold Up To 100 Thousand. KM, The only Thing that is Expensive Is to Change the Steering Tips that Change with the Rods. After 150 Thousand. KM Start Leaks, as it is Required to Repair The Steering Rack. ALSO IF YOUNED To Change Shock Absorans, The This Will Also Fly Into a Penny. But The Suspension Itself Isleble and Does Not Pour Out, A Multi -Link Suspension Is in the Back, The Car Enters Turns Without Excess Rolll.


Interesting Salon, A Control Console Launched to the Driver is striking. Sitting Inside Is Comfortable, Very Convenent, The Steering Wheel is Installed at the Right Angle to the Vertical and it Cance Be AdJusted in Height. IF YOU LOOK into the Interior of the Compartment, the IS Practically No Place Behind the Place, But it is the Compartment, Becuse the BMW Campaign Did Not Hide the Car S Affaction for You. The Driver Canisly Overcome Long Distances Without Any Fatigue, Such a Feeling as IF You Are Pouring Into a Seat. There are Various configuctions of the Cabin, in Flesh to the Leather Salon.

What Shoup You Pay Attend to When Buying BMW E36

It WULD Not Be Bad to Know The History of the Car, Which Has Changed and What Shoup Be Replaced, But of Course the Owner Will Say that Evrything Works for Him, The Car IS IS IS IS IS IS Ly in Good Condition. Remember that More than Half Simply Want to Get Rid of BMW, and The Next You Whel Will Invest and Car. Offen Fails of the Lambda Probe and Air Douct, So the Consumption Will Be Under 20 Liters with the Non -serviceability of these Sensors! You Need to find a car in good concingion, it is better to tryugh a bmw club.

IF YOU WANT A BMW with A Diesel Engine, You Must Definite Check the Engine Launch on the Cold and Hot, If the Engine Doges Not Start, The Starter Twists, The Rather Rather Fault O f the ntnud.

In General, it is to Take Its Before Buying for Diagnostics, The Car Will Be Connection to the Computer and Look at the Condition of the Car.