Travel to a Hot Country Sudan

In the Northeast of Africa, The Country of Sudan Is Stretched-the Largest On the Continent. Most of it consists of extensave Plains Crossed by the Nile and Its Tributaries. The Unven Dunes of the West Merge with the Red Sea in the East, and the Southern Side Is Covered with Swamps and Tropical Forests. The Cities of the Country, Most of the Day are deserted, Because of Strong Heat, and Come to Life in the Evening, When Women in Colorful Clothes and Men Dressed in Caftans And Turbans and Turbans O to the Streets.

Sights of Sudan

Together with The Old Capital Omderman and North Hartum, Hartum Forms A Single Knot Called the “Capital of Three Cits”. Its Famous Attractions are: The Camel Market and the Arab Bazaar, and in the Souvenir Shops of the Capital Youutful Works of Pekle’s Artisans. The Local National Museum Contain Real Archaeological Treasures Dated 4000 A Year BC, and in the Museum The Halif House Can Beries of the Royal House of the Council of the County.

Of Great Archaeological Interest are the Excavations of the Bajrawiya (Bajrawiya), Meroe (Meroe), Musavarat, Naga (Naga) and Nuri (Nuri) Located on the Nile, NortH TUM. Dinder National Park Is One of the Largest in the World. Three -Day Excursions from the Capital Areganized Here From December to April. Thanks to the Transparency of Water, A Variety of Fish and Charming Coral Gardens, The Red Sea, Which is the Country of Sudan, Is One of Its Main Attractions. Resorts What You Can Relax on This Coast Arest Sudan and the Tourist Village of Village.

National Cuisine of Sudan

For the Majority of the Local Population, The Most Common Product Is the Sorghum, Which IS Used for Cooking Bread and Porridge. He is Eaten with Stew, Beans, Lentils, Salads. As for the Meat, The Country of Sudan Prefers Ovechta. Traditionally, Here Men and Women Eat Separatly. There is One Large Bowl of Food on the Table, From Which They Scoop Up Alternatly, Biting Off the Broken Pieces of Bread.

Weather in Sudan

It is Very Hot in Sudan, Moreover, Throughhout the Year. Even in Winter, Temperatures Rarely Drop Below 25 Degrees, and in the Summer They Can Rise to 40. The Weather in the Desert Is Slightly Different. IF Summer Temperatures Are Just Slightly Higher, The in Winter, At Night, The Temperature May Drop to +5 Degrees. Do Not Do the Country of Sudan Dusty Sandstorms, Especially in the Dry Season.