Infiniti FX – The King of Roads and Off -Road

Infiniti is a Luxury Line of a Car Produed by Nissan’s Branch in St. Petersburg Since June of this year. Nissan Began Assembling His Premium Brand in the Russian Federal -th in April, But Things Came To Car Owners Only now. Now only Two Infiniti FX and M Models Gather at the Factory.

In Russia, The Cost of the Infiniti FX Crossover Fits in the Price Frame from 2.6 to 3.6 Million Rubles. The Second Generation of the Car Was Submitted to the Court of the General Public Back in 2008 at a car dealership in geneeva. The Start of Sales took Place in June of the Same Year, and this Model Immediatly Found Its Buyers.

And as a Result of Subsequent Restyling, Produed in 2017, The Car DID not Lose Its Individuality and Acquied Diesel Modification with the V6 3 Engine.0 240 l. With. Restyling Vid Not Hit the Pockets of Future Owners of the Updated Line, Inter it Price of the Car Remained Whathin the Same Limits.

FX Design Is Noticeably Distinguined AGainSt the Background of Its Model Range by the Audacy and Aggressivess of the Lines. FX OCCUPied Its Niche Between The Relatively Modest Exover Ex and The Full -Size SUV QX. The CleRance of this Car is Ideal for Russian Roads: Its Height is ABOUT 19 CM, This Car Combines Chic and Practicality, It Has EVERYTHING THAT A MODERN CAR OWNER OWNER Needs.