IS It Worth Trusting Unofficial Dealers?

IF You Decide to Purchase a Truck or Other Special Equipment, We’ll Be Talking ABOUT THE FACT THENED to BUY It FROM THE DEALER, BUT IS NECESSARILY OFICALY OFICIALY OFICIALY. Among the Advantages are Usually Called the Availability of the Choice of a Lineup, Quality Guarantees, Buying Original Spare Parts, Another Service.

Despite this, a Large Market Segment Belongs to “Gray” Dealers, UNOFFICAL Representatives. Who are they? IT MUST BE Remembered that Such Intermediaries Act Legally. “Independent Firms” Do Not Depend on Manuafacturing Companies. TheFore, They Do Not Promote and Do Not Promote The Products of a Particular Brand and They ARETESTEDDE In Imposing You A Purchase of Any Brand.

After the Period of Lull, The Development of the Development of Official Representate Offices to Make Special Equipment Are Gaining. BUT MORE MANEUVEVERABLE AND DYNAMIC “Gray” Representatives DID not Moment and took Advantage of the “Lull” In OF THE LARGE SEGMENT OF THE LARGE et. And Even Now, Hhen Official Representative Office Get Up From The Knees, Unofficial Do Not Give Up Their Positions.

The Attractivence of the “Gray Dealer”

Effective and Indisputable Reason Is the Lower Cost. USING The WORKED OUT PRODUCT DELivery Schemes from China Allows Dealers to Very Much Underestimate Price. Offen The Special Equipment, Which IS Imported Into the Country, IS Designed for a Frequent Person, The Implemented as Assi, and This Greatly Affects Piring. At the Same Time, The Low Price Does Not Mean that Quality is Appropriate. Companies, Like Officials, Value Regular Customers and Reputation, Which Implies The Sale of Quality Goods.

The Second Important Reason Is the Efficency of Response to the Needs of the Client. Independent Companies Can Very Quickly Bring Imported Special Equipment, New items, Without Waiting for Official Certification. Of cousse, this is ABOUT THE TWO -edges A Stick. AFTER ALL, By Acquiring An Uncertified Product, There is a Risk that Such a Technique Will BET ETAPTED To Russia CONDITIONS. Another Option Is Not to Rush for Fashion, To Gain Patience and Buy The Goods from the Dealer of Official, Later But Certificates and Adopted Sets.

Official Dealers Always Put on the Show The Main Advantage – Guaranteees and Service for Special Aquipment. In Reality, The Service Comes Out Expensive and Intrusive, Connects The Owner of the Equipment by Hand. The Disadvantage is that you will not find authorized services in Remote regions, and to Transport eti distant lands for the Owner is not a rainbow prospect and. Therefore, to repair the goods far and for a long Time or to us the services of a callsman in the field – The Choice of Each.

SOME Independent Companies Offer Exit Services, The Official Service Is the Same, Its Economically More Profitable for the Owner. The Quality of Service SHOULD ALSO Be Guaranteed, It is Offten Based On the Reputation of the Company. Flexible Schems for Working with Manaufacturers Make It Possible to Offer “Gray” Dealers to Offer Original Spare Parts and Nonoriginal. The Buyer Decides for Himself.

Buying Special Equipment from a Dealer of An Official Involves Free Warrant Service, Which Works a Certain Period. And Also – Full Service, Were Original Spare Parts are Used During the Repair.

And AMONG the “Gray” Dealers There Unscrupulous ones that Cana Evaporate from the Market, Without Giving the Client a Single Guarantee. Do Not Forget, Official Dealers Will Not Serve the Equipment From Unofficial Sellers. The You Can Encounter The Problem of Repair, Search for Gooders Who Can Correct the Defect.

Problems May Also Appear with The Purchase of a Car on Credit. Banks Always Require Only Official Guaranteees and Documents. Papers Must Confirm the Quality of the Goods, Collataral Value. “Gray” Dealer of Such Data is not Able to Provide.

UNOFFICAL SELLERS TODAY ARA TRYING to their Job Well, to Stay on A Busy Market Niche. But the Good Faith of the Service, Original Spare Parts – this is only of. IF SUCH Proposals are AVAILABLE, WE Can Talk ABOUT A HIGH REPUTATION OF THE DEALER. The Mechanism of Work that is Able to Evoke The Confidence of the Buyer Is the Same. IT DOES not Depend on the Color of the Supplier: “Gray” is a Dealer or Official, “White”.