Lada Largus Car

Lada Largus Car

SOON ItAR SINCE THE LADA LARGUS CAR Appeared on OUR Roads. Althrow, to Talk ABOUT SOME SPECICI Time Will Not Be Entirely True. Who is it alread croucked with a soul, a New Lada Largus Named, Well, Not How Itsn’t work. The Car Was Built on the Basis of Renault Logan and Changes Compared to the AnceStor, With The Exception of the Body, It Has Practically no. The only difference is that on the Grille of the Radiator, A Familiar to One Generation of Russian Motorists of Avtovaz Emblem Is Painful. I MUST Say Right Away that I have no Plans to Buy This Car, Its Alrey Pinful Its “Original” Appe. But I Really Wanted to Try What Kind of Product Was the Renault Alliance – Avtovaz. TheFore, I Decided to Go Through a Test – Drive.

By the Way, I Recommod Ding this to EVERYONE WHOTS ABOUT ACQURING A CAR LADA LARGUS. Especially IF You Already Have Experience in Operating Foreign Cars of More Popular Manaufacturers (Even Ussed. Because Budget Execution is Visible in Almost EVERYTHING. In Addition, All The Ergonomic Flaws Inhereent in Logan, The Lada Largus Car Absorbed Himself in Full. The Salon, of Course, Spacious, Even Dimensional Passengers Will Not Feel Deprive. But The Seats, Some Formless, Like Sitting Softly, But You Don’t Feel Comfortable. There are Plenty of Place on the Back Sofa, but as so you are going to open the Door, it Catches the Eye Largus Has Never Gotten Door Handles, You Have to Be Content with Stamp. ING in upholstery as on a logg. There are 7 more – Local Version with the Third Series of Seats, Two Adults Will Beaced There Without Problems. BUT FOR A LONG Time to Go on A Gallery IS Unlikely – Whiteher Someone Will Withsthstand. The Trunk, of Course, Is Simply Huge, if the Second Row of Seats Is Still Folding, You Can Probably Even Push The Sofa. Test – Drive took Place on A Five -seater Version. There was no cars in the luxury design in the Cabin, but on Ordinary Versions The Trunk from the Cabin Was not SepaRent in Any Way and Even The. It looks Ridiculous – The Whole Luggage is in Sight. Governing Bodies AreMly Inconvenient. The Windows Switches are not on the Doors, Like in Most Normal Cars, But on the Central Console. For the Test – Drive Was with A Comrade, He Deceded to Signal a Friend who Passed Nearby and Was Exteme Surprise When Hear the Signal to the Usual Place on the Steering Wh eel. But he was Even More Surprised When I Showed that Signal Button is in the end Switch end. In My Opinion – Extremely Inconvenient. Wipers are Turned on Separatly from the Washer, Also An Incomprehensible Decision. The Button Heating the Seats Eves Aven More Unsuccessful, Its only Possible to find it to the Touch.

Salon Is the Same as Renault Logan

On a Test Car, Lada Largus Stood 1.6 – A Liter of Sixteen Valve Engine with a Capacy of 105 Liters. With. In Principle, Its Power for Measured Driving Around the City Is Enure, In Any Case, Starting from the Traffic Light from the Main Stream, You Canht Leave. But if the Car is Loaded, Apparently You have to Well Promote The Motor, Sincy According to the Passport, It Develops The Maximum Torque At 3750 Speeds Per Minute. There are ALSO Cars with 90 Liter Engines. With. In My Opinion, Such An Option is Genelally Better Not to Consider, Such a Motor is Painfully Weak for Largus.

The Gearbox for the Car Lada Largus Provides Only One – 5 – STEP “Mechanics”. I Liked How It Works, The Lavers Are not Too Large, The Switching Is Quite Soft and Clear.

Largus Suspension Leaves The Most Positive Impressions, Its Ideal for Oour Roads. Any Bumps, Rails, Car Lada Largus Passes Easily and at Ease, There Are not Hints of Breakdown. IF Its ReliaBility IS No Worse than Logan, this is of cousse a huge plus. Largus Is Controlled to Well. True, He is Heated in Corners, But It Reacts Quite Predictably to the Movements of the Steering Wheel.

The Trunk Is Just Huge

Of Course, Compared with the Rest of Avtovaz Products, Lada Largus Wins in Many Ways. And the Price Tag for it is quite adequate, it Starts with 376 Thousand Rubles and Reaches 450 Thousand with Luxury Options with A Seven -seater Salon. IF YOU NEED ANEXPENSIVE, UnPRETENTIOUS ANT THE SAME TIME A ROOMY CAR FOR WORK, THE CAR LADA LARGUS THE MOST. For Those Who are Spoiled by the Comfort of Japanese or German Cars, Lada Largus Will Seem if Not Primitive, The Very “Fresh”. So car is an amateur.

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