Lamborgini History – Company Development

Feruccio Continued to Surprise His Fans and Vid Not Stop There. Production in 1968 of the New Espada Took Place in Parallel with Muura. The Car Had a Four-Door Body, and The Characteristics Weress Car-The Early Parties et 325-Horsepower Engine, and Later Set Assembly of UNITS H A Capacy of 350 Force. THENO No One HAS YET OFFERED Excellent Harmony Between Spaciouses and Amazing Dynamics. The Car Became One of the Most Successful in the History of the Brand, and At Least 1.200 Copies Were Sold. In the Early 1970s, The Company Showed a Prototype of the Mighty Kautach with A 5-Liter Engine with A Capacy of 300 Forces. Many Journalists who Visited the Premiere Recognized the Design of the Vanguard Sample Even Compared to the Most Advanced Sports Models. Despite The Sudden Energy Crisis, Enzo Still Launched the Car Into Serial Production. Financial Losses and Lack of Demand Forced Manoufacturers to Go to Extreme Measures. SO, SINCE The Beginning of 1969, Ferrari Sold 50% of the Shares of the Italian Fiat, and Three Years Later a Swiss Investor Little -known in the Automobile Sphere Has Acquied 51% of SHARES FROM LAMBORGINI.Immediatly After this, Rumors Began That Feruccio Was Leaving the Company. These Rumors Were Confirmed, and Soon Ferucucco Really Left His Brainchild and Professionally Engaged in Winemaking. He Himself Repeatedly Stated that He Vid Not Regret His Decision At All.