Lemurov and Baobabov Island – Madagascar

Madagascar is the Fourth Largest Island of the Planet and Contains More than 250,000 Animal Species, 70 Percent of Which Are Unique, But Most of All, The Country of Madagascar IS Known thanks to the Lemurs, Which Ares ABOUT 50 Species Here Live. Of Couurse, Lemurs are A SPECICICEARANCE OF THIS UNIKE ISLAND, BUT ALSO DWARF CHAMELEONS, GIANT Jumping Rats, Red Frogs Are Strange Resentscar.

The Attractions of Madagascar

In Connection with the Department from the Continent 165 Million Years AGO, The Country of Madagascar Gained Unique NOT ONLY FAUNA, BUT ALSO THE FLORA. A True National Tree Was a Bloated Baobab, Which Can Be Seen in the Isalo National Park Or in the Tsingy Natural Reservy. In Addition to Natural Attracts, The Island of Madagascar Offers Beautiful Beaches, Coral Reefs and Great OpportiS for Water Entertainment.

The Capital of the Country Has a Special Atmosphere, Antananarivo (Antananarivo). The City Is Built at Three Levels, Each of Which is dechedd with its Own Attraction, Among Which Stands Out: The National Monument of the Royal Palace and the Royal Selo. Ambohimanga Plays a Very Important Place in the Cultural Heritage of Madagascar, Where The State of Madagascar Was Born. The Main Gate to this Citadel Is a Huge Stone Disk that Requires 40 PEOPLE to Move. The Main Industrial Center of the Island, The City of Antsirabe (Antsirabe,), is localfazhovona (TSIAFAJOVOVOVOVOVOVOVOVOVOVOVOVOVOVOVOVOVOVOVOVOVOVONA) NDED by Phenomenal Lakes Formed in Volcanic Craters.

National Cuisine of Madagascar

Rice is a widespread INGREDENT In Local Cuisine. The Country of Madagascar Can Offer Two National Dishes: Romazava – Meat and Green Leaves, Ravitoto – Stewed Pork with Maniac Leaves. Theshe Dishes Canned with Ginger, Cloves, Nutmeg and Pepper. Restaurants Antananariv Offer Another Dish that Appeared Relatively Recently, But Is Alread Very Popular on the Island. This is confit de Canard – a duck with ginger and chili pepper.

Weather in Madagascar

Madagascar IS Divined Into Climatic Belts: Subequatorial in the North and Tropical in the South. It is in the northern Areas the Most Hot: to Plus 35 Degrees. The Closer to the South, The Air Temperature Drops So that in the South, The Thermometer Do -Rise ABOVE The Mark of 30 Degrees. In Winter, from June to august, When The Country of Madagascar Uses The Most Favorable Weather Conditions, The Temperature Reaches 25 Degrees During the Day, and AT NIIGHT Drops Up To 20.